Cockatoos and the First Snow of the Season

Stopped at a red light , I noticed a giant cockatoo in the car next to me, perched on the driver’s shoulder. It reminded me of this great post from Railway Parade, House and Garden.  Hope it’s okay I reblogged it

9 thoughts on “Cockatoos and the First Snow of the Season

  1. I welcome any reblog from Matt’s original. This is what I commented on his post: ‘Excellent post Matt, with lovely photographs. I witnessed nightly cockatoo gatherings in my son’s in-laws in Perth in December 2007.’

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  2. I have always been jealous of folks from Australia. They have such neat animals. Kansas wildlife is so pedestrian except for coyote. Maybe I’d think the opposite if I lived in Australia. Like, “Gee, rabbits are so neat…” Great Blog. Thanks for re-posting.


  3. Australia seems exotic to me too. I didn’t realize how different the birds are there. It was great this winter to go to his blog and watch his garden grow!
    Another thing I picked up from a blog- Derrick’s– did you know they don’t have skunks in England?

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