Cockatoos and the First Snow of the Season

Stopped at a red light , I noticed a giant cockatoo in the car next to me, perched on the driver’s shoulder. It reminded me of this great post from Railway Parade, House and Garden.  Hope it’s okay I reblogged it

Railway Parade House and Garden

What a difference  a few weeks can make. In late March, we had record-breaking heat and now an early snowfall!

The heavens in Australia are rarely silent: bird-song is everywhere and it pays to watch and listen for the subtle differences as they can usually portent a change in the weather. For instance the call of the Currawong of signifies approaching rain; the laugh of Kookaburras or the whip of Bell-birds in the morning signifies the day will be still and hot, or when the Kookaburra laughs during a thunderstorm it means it will soon clear.

Cockatoo and Quercus Palustris Cockatoo and Quercus Palustris (image courtesy Fairfax media)

Cockatoos are an amazingly noisy, inquisitive, highly intelligent (captive birds are easily trained to talk), long-lived bird. They are abundant whether you are in the country-side, the bush or the city.

Because Cockatoos are so intelligent, they actually suffer from a very human condition – boredom – and this can lead them to become destructive; Cockatoos have been known to…

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9 thoughts on “Cockatoos and the First Snow of the Season

  1. I welcome any reblog from Matt’s original. This is what I commented on his post: ‘Excellent post Matt, with lovely photographs. I witnessed nightly cockatoo gatherings in my son’s in-laws in Perth in December 2007.’

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  2. I have always been jealous of folks from Australia. They have such neat animals. Kansas wildlife is so pedestrian except for coyote. Maybe I’d think the opposite if I lived in Australia. Like, “Gee, rabbits are so neat…” Great Blog. Thanks for re-posting.


  3. Australia seems exotic to me too. I didn’t realize how different the birds are there. It was great this winter to go to his blog and watch his garden grow!
    Another thing I picked up from a blog- Derrick’s– did you know they don’t have skunks in England?

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