Indian Summer, Snails & Arrowroot

Indian Summer! 70 degrees in November is so unusual for us and it’s been a real gift. Somehow though, I still haven’t managed to get the outdoor chores done. I can relate to this little snail I found.
The last of the daffodils and garlic finally got planted yesterday. Why did I buy 140 garlic cloves? I got carried away at the garlic festival. I need to get out more, lol.
Arrowroot flour is a wonderful thing. I use it in equal parts to replace cornstarch in my cooking. It has a lot of nutritive value, is healing to the gut and it’s cost effective. I use it to thicken gravies and sauces and in puddings and custards. Making pudding from scratch is surprisingly easier, much healthier and more delicious than using boxed mixes. The cooking time is quicker and it sets up faster too.

32 thoughts on “Indian Summer, Snails & Arrowroot

  1. We don’t have snails here in Central Minnesota, but we do have huge infestations of Asian beetles! yesterday’s warm weather brought them out of the woodwork, literally! I used some arrowroot powder in my pork roast gravy last night– glad to hear it’s good for me! That custard looks lovely.

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    • I rarely see snails here. I have grub infestations which result in loads of beetles in the summer. Ugh. I’ve never made gravy with pork… Sounds good! Lots of your recipes are creative and delicious:)


  2. We have snails in Maine, but they are not as lovely as the ones you have. I’ve never used arrow root, and I just might give it a try. The pudding and custard look delicious!

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      • Interesting, Cynthia! Until five or six years ago, we never had snails at all in central Maine. Slugs, yes. Snails, no. Changes! On a happier note…bring on the soup, custard, bread, and stew!


  3. Cynthia, Good Morning,
    I read everything about arrowroot through the link and it is interesting. I remember arrowroot biscuits. I’ll order the kind mentioned as I certainly won’t find it through my local grocery. I think pudding is a marvelous comfort food especially when it is still warm.
    I think that snail is so darn cute.
    Want to sell you extra garlic next year? I’ll buy it as I am supposed to eat one clove a day and the grocery store garlic is so strong. I could mail you the money anyou could ship me a box and I’ll braid it and dry it. If you feel like it…


  4. Thanks for the tip on use of arrowroot Cynthia, must keep that in mind. Here too a lovely Indian summer with temperature only now going down to 10C but mostly they were around 15C and wind still, this means that there are still a lot of lovely coloured leaves on the trees, so beautiful.


  5. It has been unusually warm here too. Our forecast is for highs in the high 70s the next two days, with overnight lows in the 60s (!).

    The gardens are confused, but growing well. 🙂


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