Our Farmers’ Market!

Today kicked off the first day of this season’s local Farmers’ Market. It’s held on Sundays from 11am until 2 o’clock, on South Farms. Buying from the vendors there is an affirmation of many of the things that are important to me. It gives me the opportunity to support local businesses, organic growing practices and farmers that raise animals that are allowed to run free, are well cared for and are not pumped up with hormones and antibiotics.

I stocked up on groceries and couldn’t resist buying some beautiful alpaca yarn from Stan. Wool itches me but I learned today that there is no lanolin in alpaca yarn so it won’t itch. The skeins I bought were from his alpaca named Victoria, lol.  Thank you Stan and Victoria:)

Pond’s Poultry Farm is new to the market. Dwayne Pond has a beautiful, young family and a farm in town. He raises small flocks of chickens and has a couple of pet goats. Turkeys are on the way. He’s a funny guy, check out his t-shirt.   I think the picture I posted of the plaque in his booth states his intentions for his small farm perfectly.

22 thoughts on “Our Farmers’ Market!

  1. What a wonderful Farmers’ Market, Cynthia! It’s such an important way to support local farmers and businesses. What fun to know that you will be knitting with Victoria’s yarn! ♡

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  2. It’s gratifying to shop mindfully. It’s wonderful to see markets like this sprouting up everywhere.
    I’ve never used alpaca yarn before.. It’s so soft and the natural tones were all beautiful. I can’t wait to try it.


  3. Farmers markets are the best! We only have one every now and then, but luckily there are farm door sales only a 1/2 hour away. But I’m with you – it’s great to support local growers and know where your food actually comes from (as well as what’s in it!)

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  4. Alpaca is the most wonderful yarn and indeed so incredibly soft. What a joy to shop there, aslo for the animals and Mother Earth. And indeed if only for the T-shirts ;0) Cheers, Johanna

    ps Good quality merino does not itch either, especially when it has silk blend

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  5. I love farmers markets. The one we go to has great cheese and mushroom vendors. There’s also a guy with an old-fashioned grinding wheel and he will sharpen your knives while you shop. Doesn’t start until Memorial Day and we’ve been too busy to go so far this year. Must remedy that.

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  6. I would love to see mushrooms. It’s so interesting talking to the people about their products. It opens up worlds of possibilities! Busy with good things, it looks like… Congratulations! I’m sure you are so very proud of your son:)


  7. I love the idea of the knife sharpener being there. One can’t find anyone to sharpen knives or scissors now. My village is talking about starting a Farmer’s Market here in Richmond. There is a lot of paper work and regulations which surprised us all. I’m going to pass this post along to the board. Thanks, Cynthia! ~Ginene

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  8. Cynthia,
    I love the sign, it matches what I feel. The yarn looks lovely, Is that Williamsburg Ma? My Dads family lived in CHesterfield.
    The best things is knowing where your food comes from.


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