Hi! I live in a small New England town in an old farmhouse on an acre of land. I grow vegetables,flowers, fruits and herbs, all organically. I have 3 wonderful daughters. For 9 years I had a little gift shop where I sold herbal soaps, creams, balms and a lot more that I made myself. I used the purest ingredients I could find. A lot of them, I grew here. I studied art for a few years and that came in real handy when it came time to design the labels and figure out the packaging. It comes in handy here too because all the photos, (except the books featured), are my own. My home and gardens I try to make a clean, beautiful, healthy haven for myself and all the creatures that share it with me. I make whatever I can, as naturally and as beautifully as I can. I reuse, refurbish, cook, tincture, culture, paint and sew!

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  1. Hello!! thanks for visiting with me and I can say Iove your blog very much πŸ™‚
    we are on the same page when it comes to recycling and gardening, I must admit I don’t have much planted but maybe some day? πŸ™‚


    • You’re doing so many things that I would like to do! I love reading about your projects and how you write makes it even better. I’ve been thinking about angora rabbits, lol!


  2. I can definitely relate to your way of life! I live on 4 acres in rural Arizona, have lots of gardens (organic, of course), love plants and animals, recycle, reuse, and repurpose everything possible, and make everything I can myself. I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading your blog!


    • That’s great! I thought we had a lot in common when I came across your blog. I read how you were so excited to have a long growing season… I can so relate to that too! How fun!


    • Thanks! I started out small too and I loved those gardens as much as I love these. Doesn’t matter really, what they look like or anything.. as long as you love it


    • Thank! A lot of it is and sometimes I think of how much easier it would be if I just did things “like everybody else”. But, that isn’t my nature and I love doing and making things myself. Its gratifying and kind of empowering in a strange way, lol. Also, it makes me sleep good at night

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  3. Cynthia, thanks for dropping by Willow House Chronicles! I have three daughters too, and our first grandchild, a little girl Coralie Robin, arrived last November. Very exciting to hold that first grandchild, isn’t it? Sheri


    • Congratulations, Sheri! I was so happy when I heard we were having another little girl in the family. I’m sure you were too. There has been such a rush of so many emotions since this little one has been born. Very exciting!


  4. Cynthia,
    I’m sure you don’t remember me but it looks like both of us quit blogging years ago. I just wanted to tell you that I search and searched to try and find you because I never forgot your artwork. And, then I found it today. I think your artwork is really charming. It is easy to see that you are professionally trained. I don’t really have anything exciting to say, I just wanted to tell you that all these years later I remembered you.
    Ginene Nagel
    Fox and Finch Antiques
    Richmond IL


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