Last week was filled with Thanksgiving preparations.The pumpkins were  all  cooked up into delicious soups, pies and breads.   Cranberry compote and apple pies bubbled away in the oven.  Winter squash and potatoes were brought up from the cellar and readied to be roasted along with the turkey that we got from a small family farm a few miles away.The house was scrubbed and shiny clean .  My girls all came home.  I had so many things to be thankful for.  This Thanksgiving in particular we were all acutely thankful for each other. Time is so fleeting and things can change on a dime.  This was a good holiday to remember to treasure the moments and those that share them with us.

Thursday’s turkey remnants are simmering on the stove.  The good stock will make delicious soups and stews  for these cold winter nights.  Christmas is coming and there will be lots of baking, decorating, sewing, and cooking, making my herbal concoctions and painting. This house is ready to be filled up with the joy and magic of the Season.


31 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Cynthia,
    While some families order a turkey dinner from the grocery store and eat it watching football, your home and family continue to celebrate the harvest in the traditional American way. Eating food you’ve grown and has come from the farm close by, makes me awfully lonesome for my childhood experiences. I stay at home now, rather than sit at the table alone while everyone else watches football. I would rather be at home, but there is nothing stopping me from inviting people over for an alternative experience. Everything sounds wonderful and I can smell it in my mind!

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  2. I would make that same decision, Ginene!
    Your business is probably particularly demanding this time of year. I can imagine you enjoying a cozy, quiet holiday at home . Happy Thanksgiving!


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