Peach Butter, Sauerkraut & “Pumpkin” Bread

I had a fun day at my friend’s house. She brought home cabbage,kale, purple cabbage and lots of squash from her sister’s organic farm. We spent the morning making fermented sauerkraut with the kale and cabbages. While we were chopping and salting, we had her oven filled with baking squash..Delicatas, Hubbards and Butternuts. Once the squash were cooked and cooled we skinned and seeded them and mashed the pulp. With that, we made lots of “pumpkin” bread. She added cranberries and nuts to some of the loaves. Once baked and cooled, most of the loaves went into the freezer along with the mashed squash that was left over.
My own squash crop was dismal but I did have a volunteer vine that grew from the compost I added to the asparagus bed. I let it go and it turned out to be acorn squash that yielded a few nice little gifts.
I harvested a delicious basket of peaches from the tree my daughter gave me for Mother’s Day. After eating our fill, I made a couple of jars of peach butter from what was left. I cooked about 12 smallish peaches, pitted but not peeled, on top of the stove with a little bit of water until they were soft. Then I put the mixture through the food mill. I ended up with 3 cups of pulp and juice. I added 1 1/2 cups of sugar (2 to 1 ratio), cinnamon,allspice and ginger to the pulp and simmered it slowly and gently on top of the stove until it was thick, stirring it so it wouldn’t burn. Then I poured it into hot, sterilized jars, sealed them up and processed them in a hot water bath for 15 minutes. It came out delicious!  I think  it will be really good on fresh, warm buttermilk biscuits .

30 thoughts on “Peach Butter, Sauerkraut & “Pumpkin” Bread

      • Cynthia, Can you teach me how set up “category” in my blog? I’d like to have one category to show all the pictures of “Everlasting Blossoms” so readers will be able to capture the beauty of them. One category is the life story of Everlasting Blossom” and others. May be to have some more categories which are not related with Everlasting Blossoms. I tried to look for it but no where can I fine it. Please, Cynthia! Please teach me!

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        • Click on the WordPress logo, to the left and the top of your page. Then click on WP Admin. Then click on Posts. Then you will see Categories.. click on that, and that is where you can set them up. Once they are set up you can add new ones right from the page where you write your posts.
          Good luck!

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            • Yes! Cynthia, my sweet teacher!
              But there is always some accidental happens in my blog!! Oh! Cynthia! What am I going to do? I hate to say “Hopeless”, but………
              First,Now I can see two categories!
              Second, I was trying to post a Christmas Wreath I made with Chinese Knotting. and try to category it as “Enjoy Life”, I’m blind again!
              But I won’t give up….!
              I’m trying to keep THAT feeling away!


          • Good news! Cynthia. Finally I figured out how to post “category” on my home page! Thanks a million! Cynthia.
            But for some reason, I don’t know what had happened there are two “handcraft”s ? I couldn’t delete one of them! I wonder what should I do…..


  1. All sounding real good Cynthia. It is lovely to be so productive this time of the year. Your posts give great inspiration, I did not even make jam this past summer as the fruit was so poor even at the market here. 🙂


      • Great, I am sure yours were lovely. You see I am not a great baker, as I don’t do it often, even though I enjoy cooking.
        Climate has been strange this year, that is for sure.
        Tonight trying to get a good photo of the moon, though it was cloudy earlier. Last night it was huge though not full yet. Exciting.

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        • I would rather bake than cook. I started cooking for my family at a very young age and then went right into cooking for my husband and then my kids. it’s become kind of a drudgery at times at this point.
          Very exciting! I read this morning that where I live is a good place to see the lunar eclipse tomorrow night!

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          • Oh that is wonderful Cynthia, I still need to go and look up info about at what time etc…. am excited too. I get your point about drudgery that cooking is. I am very fortunate in that my partner has a very small appetite and is not demanding, and often a home cooked soup will do him, so I never do roasts or anything but I do have a slow cooker and sometimes get to do shoulder of lamb or something.

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  2. All my favourite things are in your title but I particularly like pumpkin bread. In fact I love pumpkin in everything 🙂 One eatery I used to go to had the best pumpkin bread that they served for free (those good old days) and I always ate too much of it then cannot finish my meal. 🙂

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