Family & Fall Cleaning

My college girl was home this weekend. I made a big pot of chicken and dumplings on Sunday and we ended up having a nice family dinner. My sister joined us and my other daughter came with her baby and husband.  Everybody stopped along the way at Farmer’s markets and Fall festivals and brought donuts, apple cider and pumpkin cakes, adding to the feast.

The weather had been continuously dry and hot.  The hibiscus went onto a second bloom.  Overnight, rain came and a cold snap with it.  Now, the leaves are suddenly turning  and daytime temperatures have dropped 30 degrees.  The outside plants have been brought in, cut back and repotted and Fall cleaning  has begun.  I guess that’s sort of a nesting instinct… getting things clean and snug and organized for the long, cold stretch ahead.    Curtains, walls, floors, pillows  and windows washed.  Area rugs dragged outside and damp mopped with soap and water,front and back, spot cleaned and dried in the sun.  Winter blankets pulled out of storage,  washed and dried on the clothesline.  Summer clothes put away.  All the cleaning agents I use are natural..vinegar infused with orange peels, borax, essential oils, homemade soap.  Soon my little old farmhouse will be sweet and sparkling.

39 thoughts on “Family & Fall Cleaning

    • Amazing how things snapped back out there. Thanks, Matt! If I had my way, everything would be white with creams and pops of color here and there, except the kitchen. I like that to be warm looking.

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  1. I’m the same way with cleaning & fall. Everyone talks about SPRING cleaning – but I wait until fall to do all of the washing of walls and windows. I just finished painting the bathroom & sewing new curtains. Now, on to the attic!

    Your dining room is so airy and inviting!


  2. Here too we went (seemingly overnight) from hot and dry to wet and cold. It’s been raining for days and it’s 45 degrees this morning. We’re hunkering down too. Our trees aren’t as pretty yet as yours, but they’re working on it. 🙂


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