Americana and a Mansion

It was a beautiful day for a ride. We went through a covered bridge in Connecticut, drove up along the Hudson River and detoured for a few minutes to gawk at one of the Vanderbilt mansions.

In Rhinebeck we saw an interesting looking tavern, the Liberty Public House where we stopped for lunch. The bar was gorgeous. The decor was old Americana.  Some of it was a little creepy… as was the trip up to the bathroom, lol.

The people there were fun and friendly and the food was good.  I got a salmon burger that was the best I’ve ever had.. lots of fresh salmon, seasoned and cooked perfectly with a hint of dill and dressed with tzatziki.

21 thoughts on “Americana and a Mansion

  1. Sound like a great trip with a lovely place to have lunch. The covered over bridge reminds me of the book, “Love in Black and White” which I enjoy some years ago, set in the same area I believe. I love the building beside it with the pillars and capitals, nice architecture.

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  2. How lucky you are to live close enough to Rhinebeck to go for a day trip. As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter went to school at Bard, and we grew to love that area. I hope to go back for a visit someday.

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