Foliage, Garlic Festival & Ferments

The weekly, local  Farmer’s Markets are coming to an end.  My Dad and I went to his town’s market and I was excited to see that almost everyone there was selling organic produce .   I got some squash, giant apples and tomatillos . I never tried tomatillos before.  The lady selling them said they are very easy to grow and make a good jam or green salsa. They’re also nice just as a bit of tang in a salad.  I fermented mine with some of  the last pickings from the garden.. red peppers, green tomatoes and garlic.  I  fermented some carrots with grated ginger too.

The local Garlic Festival  was held this past weekend. I try not to miss it because I buy  my planting garlic from the same farmer there every year. Besides ordinary cloves there is every garlic thing you can imagine…garlic ice cream, pickles, breads, kimchis, oils, vinegars, cheese, relishes, spreads and jellies.  They also have vendors selling their crafts, honey, maple syrup, soap and produce.  Did I mention lots of food trucks ?  Our Garlic Festival started out with about 15 tables and a few curious people poking around.  Now it’s huge, attracts more than 10,000 visitors and even has an official Garlic Queen.

24 thoughts on “Foliage, Garlic Festival & Ferments

  1. I had a friend who’s mother was once Miss Mule, but the Garlic Queen has her beat!!! I love garlic and your garden medley looks divine, Cynthia. I so wish I was your neighbor, I would be so inspired.


  2. The Garlic Queen!! Fantastic and I wonder if the lady knows about the nickname of garlic: Sticking would have been even more magnificent if the there were a few Sticky Roses as ladies in waiting for her! Btw I love garlic and eat almost every day and garlic in the garden is the best!!! xo Johanna

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      • Maine’s Common Ground Fair started out very small. The first few years seemed like a high-school science fair. But boy oh boy did it ever grow. Now many thousands of people come to it, and its science fair feel is long gone. No carnival rides at Common Ground. They don’t even allow coffee 😉

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  3. We do make homemade green salsa with tomatillos we buy at the farmers’ market – delicious! The garlic festival looks like fun, but I’ll pass on the garlic ice cream. Near Judy’s home town in Ohio they put on a sauerkraut festival with some good stuff – but also sauerkraut ice cream, which I don’t recommend.

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  4. It makes me smile to read how much the popularity of your festival has increased. It’s encouraging to see how much people want to reconnect with our agrarian roots these days. And I spy a delicata squash in your basket. We grew those for the first time this year and LOVED them. In fact I just had some for lunch. 🙂 We’ll definitely be growing them again next year.

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