Garden Update

The gardens are doing pretty well.  Peonies are just starting to bloom.  All the vegetables are up and growing but not as energetically as they normally do  this time of year because it’s still so hot and dry.  I lost most of my roses  from a combination of  the tough winter and voles.   Even the tough old bushes, William Baffin and Lake Champlain had to be cut back severely and are shadows of what they have been in the past. Roses are challenging in the best of times here for an organic gardener.  I miss them but most likely I wont replace them.  Foxgloves took their role as star of the show this year…things always have  a way of working out.  happy days

35 thoughts on “Garden Update

    • Thanks, Laurie. This year is proving to be challenging so far. Every year is different anyway and produces unexpected gifts and dilemmas. The mole/vole issue is pretty consistent .. Someday!!


    • The rugosa roses are tough. They fared pretty well. The blooms are stunted and shriveled because there are mole hotels underneath them. I’m an older gardener now. It’s become a lot easier to let things have their way

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  1. Lovely garden – especially the peonies, which are done here. As for your roses: Love the flowers, hate the thorns. We have rose rosette and some new kind of beetle here that is knocking out even the pest resistant knockout roses. I hope some severe pruning helps you save yours.

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    • Thanks. I have a few of the knock- outs. They are really very resistant to pests- even the Japanese beetle! Wow. I wonder if these new beetles are headed east. Roses are one of my favorite flowers and hard to resist but I think I will enjoy them in other peoples’ gardens from now on.


  2. I’ve had to severely cut back the roses this year and lost all the lavender this due to the cold winter. I wish I had foxgloves. They are a favorite, but I’ve never had luck with them. Your gardens look serene. I love the layout.

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    • Thanks, Ginene. Sorry about your lavender and good luck with rejuvenating your roses. I love Lupines but have poor luck with them. In some gardens, they naturalize freely!


  3. My brother in Minneapolis had a ‘William Baffin’. It was HUGE. Wouldn’t be surprised if it came back pretty strong. Glad to hear that your foxgloves have stepped up to the plate. I have only the yellow foxgloves Digitalis ambigua.


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