Dumplings & Fruit Crisp

In spite of sending bags of food home with my daughters, there was still  a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers.  I made a big pot of turkey soup with little dumplings made from the leftover mashed potatoes.  Dumplings can be made with leftover stuffing as well.  Just take a cup or two of stuffing and make a well in the middle.  Break an egg into the well and combine it with the stuffing.  Add a little flour into the mix if it is too wet.  Drop the dumplings into a bubbling soup or stew and you’ll know they are done when they rise to top.

The rest of the turkey is cut up and frozen now along with another gallon of stock.  There were a few apples left from pie making so those are  peeled, sliced and frozen too.  I held back an apple, diced it and mixed it in with the leftover cranberry-apple compote.  I added a little extra cinnamon and put it into ramekins.  Baked in the oven with a quick crumb topping , it will make a delicious dessert.  Freshly whipped cream will make it even better.

30 thoughts on “Dumplings & Fruit Crisp

    • Usually I make noodles with the leftover mashed potatoes. Dumplings are basically the same except they don’t have to be rolled out so you use less flour and it’s a lot quicker. The potato keeps them nice and tender

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