Fruit Toppings & Keeping Flowers

A few weeks ago I made strawberry topping for ice cream sundaes. There was some left so I refrigerated it used it to top the yogurt and kefir I make. It was delicious.  I decided to do a healthier version with the small amount (1 cup) of gooseberries I harvested. I mashed and cooked them down for a few minutes and then once they were cooled, I stirred in raw honey. Heat kills the enzymes in the honey. Had I been sweetening with sugar, I would’ve just added the sugar in the beginning with the berries. I’ll keep this gooseberry topping in the fridge and make blueberry and strawberry as well.

Flowers are so pretty I wish they would last forever. My cousin told me that Mod Podge preserves fresh flowers. I printed out some quotes that I like in a dimension for bookmarks. Then I decorated them with fresh flowers and glued and sealed them with Mod Podge. (Elmer’s or white glue works just as well but needs to be thinned a little bit with water.)

I posted about our losing my cousin John a few weeks ago. His daughter Stacey (she is so much like her Dad), sent me roses. I wanted to keep them so I made rosepetal beads . The link gives easy directions and a wonderful story of how they were used in Medieval times. The only ingredients were 4 cups of petals and water. They were very easy to make. I strung them on a chain that I wear with my Grandfather’s wedding ring and a few other things that are meaningful to me. Body heat imparts the rose fragrance. It’s a beautiful reminder to me of people that I love so much.

26 thoughts on “Fruit Toppings & Keeping Flowers

  1. Thanks for the reference to rosary beads – how fascinating. I also make kefir though have lapsed since I’ve been away. Will have to wake them up. They serve yoghurt drinks in restaurants and cafés in Istanbul. I bought some homemade yoghurt in a jar and made my own from it.

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    • Cultured foods are starting to make their way here. My Mom’s friend was from Turkey and she made a lot of interesting dips and sauces with cultured dairy bases. She also made delicious pastry. Your food posts while you were in Istanbul reminded me a lot of her !
      I make my yogurt from yogurt sold in the store too. I had a good sourdough starter but I neglected it and it died. I also started a kombucha scoby from a store bought jar of kombucha. It was so easy. Do you drink kombucha?

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