Garden Update

The days are busy picking blueberries, drying herbs, weeding and filling the house with giant bouquets of Bee Balm and Annabelle Hydrangeas. I made a big batch of sauerkraut and we have fresh garden salads every night.  The last of the garlic has been harvested and I’m keeping watch on the tiny beans, cucumbers, peppers  and squash that have set. They’ll be ready for picking soon.

I haven’t had to take any measures against bugs yet. There’s just been the normal wear and tear that goes with gardening organically. A few holes in the cabbage don’t bother me.  Everything is doing really well except……my tomatoes are dismal. The plants are sparse and spindly. I tried a new variety this year, Granny Cantrell. Last year I grew Ace..also an heirloom variety and I had gorgeous plants and was swamped with tomatoes. I’m not sure what the problem is.  Maybe its just not my year for tomatoes.


46 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. Not a good year here for tomatoes. Too much rain. Our Extension Office has talked about some kind of early/late blight, and my tomatoes have it in spades! The only tomatoes doing well are the tiny Roma tomatoes, which nothing seems to bother. Maybe next year? I hope you’ll publish your sauerkraut recipe – I have more cabbage than I know what to do with and have never made sauerkraut before.

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  2. Our blueberries have to pretty much be done for the summer – mainly because of the Japanese beetles. They are destroying them and their little babies get into the berries and they also have brought some disease. I hope they don’t go up where you are! I love mint tea and we have peppermint and spearmint, but not much experience drying. Perhaps you have an article or would be willing to put one out? Your yard looks real nice 🙂

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  3. Your garden is looking beautiful! Sorry to hear about the tomatoes…this is probably a silly question, but do you grow them in a different spot each year? Tomatoes planted in the same spot (or very least same soil) as the previous years crop often do very poorly

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    • Thanks, Matt! Def not a silly question . You may have something there. I usually rotate the tomatoes but this year I planted them in the same spot that I did last year. Also, I top dressed too much, maybe. Could planting too deeply have made their roots develop too much, at the expense of their leaf growth?

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      • Planting deeply is recommended as it makes for more root development which in turn gives better fruit, but it may have been compromised by pathogens left in the soil from last year…although I have heard if you don’t have tomato diseases you can use the same spot for up to 3 years before needing to rotate.


    • Thanks! Isn’t it odd how some years things do great and then other years , not so great? All part of the package, I guess. Hopefully your zucchinis will surge and we’ll be reading posts about all the stuff you’re making with all of it!


  4. If it were more convenient, I’d provide my special mix of horse manure fertilized planting soil to feed your growing things. Don’t know if tomatoes like it. I’ve read that some folks put fireplace ash on their tomato plants. The blueberries look great! All the photos are captivating.


    • That would be so great, John! A manure source would be so exciting and make a world of difference. Geez, that sounds kind of funny, lol.
      Thanks for the ash tip! I’ll remember it and try it once the nights start getting cold. Thanks!


  5. Your garden looks lovely and it sounds nicely productive 🙂

    My tomatoes are very behind this year, although from the amount of flowers, I suspect I’m going to be inundated with them at some point.

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  6. I put some grass clippings around the base of my tomatoes. It seemed to perk them up a bit. Good for you for allowing a few bugs. Your gardens are beautiful.


  7. You have such a well maintained landscape! Just beautiful. We have no tomatoes on our plants yet. Almost though! Thank goodness for the farmers’ market.


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  9. Pity about your tomatoes. I’ve got different varieties this year, too. One seems to produce early and the other…. We will have to wait and see.

    I hope your tomatoes pick up speed anyway!


  10. Our tomatoes are struggling this year too, but it’s because of deer. I’ve never known deer to eat tomato plants but this year they’ve decimated ours. Grrr…

    But other things are doing very well. Every year in the garden is different it seems.


  11. Your garden looks fantastic. Sorry about the tomatoes, but there’s always the farmers’ market. Wish I could grow blueberries but our soil is very alkaline. I tried containers but that didn’t work too well.


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