Good Friends & Lily Bugs

Saturday, I was picking bugs off the lillies.  I don’t know what these red bugs are but they will decimate a lilly patch in no time.  Then, they move on to asparagus fronds.  I’m loving all the time in the garden, (even the bug picking) and thankful for it because things around here have been very stressful. When things get tough, I go into seclusion but my good  old friend of 20 years caught wind of what was going on and was having none of it. She showed up unexpectedly and dragged me away on a surprise “field trip”.  We went out to breakfast and then went tag saling.  It was a fun day.  It was good to get out. it was fun to look at a lot of “junk” and mentally transform it into something fun or pretty or useful.  It was great spending the day with a wonderful friend. I found a vintage serving bowl in perfect condition and  a beat up, wooden sewing box table. The cost was $7 for both and a metal plant stand was thrown in for free. The sewing box  table is cheap wood and not worth doing a lot of hand painting on.  I decopauged it instead and  replaced the handle with a glass dresser knob.  This was a quick, fun project and will  be a good thing to keep my threads and needles in.

24 thoughts on “Good Friends & Lily Bugs

  1. I’ve emailed a friend of mine who is a bug expert to see if she knows the name of your lily bug. I have to say, lily bug works as nomenclature for me!! And kudos to you for handpicking them. Eww. Love your craftiness! Wish I didn’t have such clumsy fingers…

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  2. Cynthia you have indeed transformed trash into treasure; what a clever thing you did with that table. What a bargain – I adore the bowl. That design reminds me of some china I saw at Kew Gardens; they were very expensive. I do hope that bug is nothing nasty, because it is actually beautiful. 🙂

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    • Thank-you, Mary. I loved the bowl too. Cool that you saw some like it at Kew Gardens! I think these bugs are beautiful too. They are everywhere! I pick them off and throw them into the woods. They are probably all coming back and bringing their friends with them. You seem to be enjoying Istanbul… I know I’m enjoying it, lol!

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  3. The bug is the Japanese red lily beetle (Lilioceris lilii) – it is a devastating pest of the lily plants – it will also attack fritillaries and other types of lilies, so it is a very good call to remove them as soon as possible! The foxgloves are looking lovely and those junk-store finds are great – I love the decoupage treatment!


  4. Thank you so much! This is definitely it. They do leave disgusting looking deposits behind. Interesting that this says they make a high pitched squeal when grabbed. I’m going to experiment with that.


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