Special Ingredients

My daughters have been calling in requests for things that they want me to cook for Easter.   I don’t  know how many generations have been making our family recipes but since my Mother died 4 years ago, it’s been my turn to keep them going.

Yesterday I made nut roll.  There’s a lot more cooking left to do and some of the ingredients aren’t available in  the regular grocery stores.  I took a little trip to a town about 40 minutes away that has a strong, Eastern European community and a good ethnic market.  There was a 45 minute wait to get into the shop.  In line, the mood was festive.  Everyone was  excited about the holiday.  We were all talking and laughing with each other.  Since many of us were making the same traditional Easter dishes, the conversation turned to recipes and cooking anecdotes.  It was fun and the time flew by!

The store was pretty big and had a lot of interesting things that aren’t in the regular grocery stores.  Many of the items had labels that weren’t written in English.  I got everything I needed, had  a good time looking around and found a few interesting things for the Easter baskets.


21 thoughts on “Special Ingredients

    • I had to put these rolls right in the freezer so there’d be some left for Easter! It was a fun day:). Thanks Derrick! glad I get to see your beautiful Spring pictures… Windy ones included

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  1. haha. I recognize that potice. Mom still makes it, and I have to say I haven’t yet tried. She says there is now a bakery in Kansas City that sells it, and she “could probably eat it if I had to, but Dad wouldn’t.” I’m sure I wouldn’t either. Happy Easter!


  2. So special to pass those family traditions and recipes to the next generation! I always felt privileged that my grandmother was able to pass her recipes to me. Happy Easter!!


    • That is a privilege! I think it’s great when there is someone in the family that is excited to carry it on. Tradition in a family is so comforting . Happy Easter!!


  3. Oh, Lord – You and I have a tradition in common, as well as all the other things. My husband’s Grandmom, Irene, (straight from Poland at age 16), always had 2 kinds of kielbasa and 2 kinds of horseradish to go with it (from just the right store – an hour away) and Babka, and BUTTER LAMBS. It’s not Easter without them.

    Irene (my youngest daughter has Irene as a middle name) passed away a couple of years ago, and we all demand the same things every year. Getting teary, as you know I love to do. But Easter was her holiday and we do miss her so.

    My practical side ( I’m a bookkeeper) wants to disregard some of this – but I am an idiot if I do.

    Enjoy a holiday with your growing family!


    • Your husband’s Grandmom Irene and my Grandma Katherine sound like they’d hit it off great! Easter is my favorite holiday too.. The time of year and the whole meaning behind it . Our ethnic traditions.
      I hope you get the babka and kielbasa and the horseradish at least..maybe from a store that is close by. Then again, my practical side has been in decline for a while now so I’m in no position to offer an opinion, lol!!
      Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

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