Getting Ready

Baking, cleaning, finishing up a few things to go in the Easter baskets,continuing to sow seeds for the garden…today was the beginning of a busy week.  I made Laurie’s  ginger-carrot soup from Notes from the Hinterland  and it was delicious!  We’re still getting snow..flurries mostly and the temperatures are cold so chances are that we wont be having any daffodils or tulips anytime soon ouside.  Luckily, the indoor plants are doing their best to make up for it.

23 thoughts on “Getting Ready

    • It was really good..I added cream to mine, lol. This African Violet is at least 15 years old. I keep putting it in bigger pots. It really needs to be split but I don’t want to lose it,


  1. We also woke up to a surprise coating of snow this morning – in South Jersey – THE GARDEN STATE.
    But I heard the Mockingbird singing his Springtime song for the first time this year, even in the snow, so he and I both say it’s Springtime.


    • I use it as a sugar pot but I think it’s supposed to be for jam. One of my favorites, lol. Easier to be positive now that the days are longer and the birds are back. Besides… This does have to end sooner or later, right? ( aghhh)

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  2. If that African violet is any indication, your indoor plants are not just making up for no outdoor spring daffodils or tulips due to weather, they are boomingly healthy and beautiful–that is an impressive African violet! We have not even a single crocus yet, and snow today, but at least the ground is showing, and we have mud in places, and puddles rather than snow, so spring must be coming, if slowly.

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    • It was really good, Laurie. It’s similar to how I make squash soup but I never thought of using carrots because I’m not crazy about them. Your idea of adding a bit of potato along with the ginger, garlic and onions made it rich and cut the sweet of the carrot and it wasn’t quite as heavy as squash soup… I actually like it better. Great idea!


  3. I just love your photos, Cynthia! It looks like you are busy creating ‘Springtime’ inside. Very soon, Mother Nature will catch up outside. Wishing you a wonderful week! ♡


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