Home from Williamsburg

I was away for a few days in Williamsburg, Virginia.  I love going there and always come back with lots of ideas for projects and my gardens.

This visit was particularly nice because the trees are still green there and just starting to turn.  Here, the trees are bare. The berries on the bittersweet wreaths I made popped so I still have some fall color in my windows.

I got lots of  wreath ideas while I was in Colonial Williamsburg.  The bittersweet and grape vines are still pliable here so now would be a good time to cut them and wind up some wreaths to decorate  later for Christmas.

I really like bee skeps. I googled how to make them and they seem too complicated for now but I think it would be pretty easy to make them out of vines, in this traditional shape. Today, though, I am going to pot up some oregano, thyme and mint from outside. I saw these herb baskets and thought how nice they would be set in a sunny window during the winter.

13 thoughts on “Home from Williamsburg

  1. Your posts are so inspiring Cynthia. I love wreaths and I am already thinking for ideas to make some for Christmas, but so far I have not made many. I was looking at Pinterest the other day and found many good ideas. Wishing you much enjoyment with all your activities.


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