25 thoughts on “Time Lapse

  1. The little pond, standing lifeless and wilted.
    The Winter takes its toll.
    But when the Spring comes in, the blooms are tilted
    From the weight and beauty of opened flowers, when I stoll.
    PS. There is a difference in the seasons, but each of them brings something new to the nature.


  2. I like both views, too. I guess if the garden was always blooming we might get tired of it. I think a big part of why we pay attention to the seasons is because we know it is all temporary. Human beings are such funny creatures. (I’m in the shop at the computer and I just heard a woman, who was hurrying by, say, “It is snowing.” Well, turn, turn, turn, right?


  3. It is a nice comparison, the land is having a well earned rest, I also love the fall and winter in order to plan for the next spring. Though I often remind myself to live in the moment 🙂 But this year the fall has been exceptionally beautiful here in West Cork.


    • I love to plan for next year’s gardens too. I start planting seeds indoors in February. ‘Living in the moment’ … something I have been trying to do as well. It was never something that came naturally to me but I am finding that life has been offering a crash course on it the last few years, lol.

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