It Starts!!

Today was my first snow-free day out in the gardens. I spent 6 hours in the front yard and got 4 of the 7 beds cleared.  Out back is where the real work begins. I left leaves in the beds and the plants high last Fall so the birds could have the seeds. I have to laugh, I start the day running out the door to get at it and just a few hours later I’m wondering why I have so many gardens.
Poking around for signs of life, I was a little sad to see that even though the pond is dug down 3 feet, one of my fish didn’t make it through the winter. I put 12 little feeder goldfish into the pond when we dug it 8 years ago. No sign yet of any of the others. There’s lots of other things popping through though. It’s so exciting. I have a LOT of work ahead of me

18 thoughts on “It Starts!!

  1. I’m so please that your garden is finally starting to thaw, but it is sad for the goldfish. Do you have to mesh the pond? Here, just about every bird and beast targets un-meshed ponds as an easy meal


    • I don’t do anything to the pond. I’ve considered solar powered aeration and filters but there’s always something going on in there ..tadpoles, etc. that I don’t want to disturb. Thanks!!

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  2. How wonderful it is to be able to appreciate the seasons by observing the changes. Here in Sydney, Australia most of our gardens remain green throughout the year though we do have deciduous trees.
    I have fish in my pond as well so I feel your loss.


    • It’s a funny thing. Just when it feels like Winter will never end, we get thrown into Spring and a beehive of activity. You are right, every year this season is anticipated and so appreciated. Green gardens all year round sound very appealing to me though.

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  3. Now the busy season begins yes? For me, spring began in early winter. Which is nuts. But at least I’ve had a head start this year! I’m trying to get all my fertilizing done so I can spend most of the spring layering Mulch and adding peat in hopes of retaining water before another scorching dry summer begins. We have to cut water back another 25% as well. Statewide restrictions due to the long drought. At least my 3 year planting project is mostly established by now or in be looking at a sea of brown.

    Sorry about your little fish! All of mine got attacked by a racoon so I’ve also restocked the pond. At least the racoon got well fed.


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