Celebrating Fall in New England

Trees are brilliantly colored and within a a week or 2, the “peak” leaf peeping time will be here.  Cider donuts, pumpkin patches, apple picking….all part of fall in New England.   Baked beans are  in the oven, along with pumpkins and cinnamon apples. The house is filled with a warm, spicy smell.. so good to walk into from the crisp air outside.  Summer is swept away as front gardens, doorstops and entryways are being decorated  for Autumn. There is a festive, clean feel in the air.

I notice the Bittersweet vines are ready to be cut.  The berries are still green, verging on yellow.  They will soon turn colors… peach, orange and finally popping out in red,  echoing the trees. The vines are supple and easily formed into wreaths.  It’s a simple matter of cutting a long vine with lots of berries.  Form it into a circular shape and wind it and weave  it among itself to hold it.   Leave the leaves on or take them off, whatever suits.  Weave more vines into the wreath if a thicker wreath is wanted.   Secure it with a twisty tie if there is trouble maintaining the shape  while weaving the branches in.   Birds love the berries but they are poison for people.  It’s fun to watch the berries turn colors and open and become framed by their shell.  If  not in a winding mood,  the branches can be cut and  popped into a vase or laid in a basket, that looks pretty too.


15 thoughts on “Celebrating Fall in New England

  1. We don’t have bittersweet vines here – at least I’ve never seen them. But, I like them. Your first paragraph was as wonderful as something Gladys Taber would have written. That is good writing! I re-read it three times just to get that feeling again and again.

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      • Are you kidding me! You live near Gladys Taber’s house? That is amazing. I think I started reading her books when I was in my 20s. You know, I still like that type of writing the best. It calms me down. Maybe you will do a post on her house someday – I would love, love, love that.
        Thank you, Cynthia, for reading all my blog posts. I reached a milestone of over 100 likes on WordPress!


        • I was so surprised to see that someone else is familiar with her books! I first read them when I was in my 20’s too. Our librarian told me how close her house is and I was so excited. I love those types of books as well. Very soothing and centering! It is my pleasure to read your posts and see your beautiful things!! Your blog is wonderful. Congratulations on all the likes. That is exciting and soon it will reach 1000!

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  2. Hubby and I are planning a trip to New England next Fall. We were wondering when the best time to come was. Sounds like the first part of Oct. I am sure it is a glorious sight! Love gathering berries to decorate with. In fact, going to cut some Pyracantha branches that I saw growing in a field the other day.
    We don’t have Bittersweet here, but I always adore it when I see it on others blogs. Making it into a gorgeous wreath is a fabulous idea! Love the beauty that Fall brings!


    • Hi Jan! Fall is a beautiful time! The ideas that people come up with to call in the season are just amazing. I think the beginning of October is a safe bet for foliage. Vermont is usually peaking around the first weekend. Massachusettes and Ct.trail a week or so later. The farmers are predicting a lot of snow this winter, that makes for a good foliage season the next fall. That’s what they say anyway, lol!


  3. Lovely. We crossed ‘the pond’ to visit New England a few years go, unfortunately we came in September and so did not get the full benefit of the Fall – maybe one day!


    • A few years ago we had a blizzard here in October. There were vast power outages that lasted for a week in some places. If that was the year you came over, September was a better time to come!


          • Yes, for a while we wondered if and when we would get back and the children back home were a bit worried. In the end it turned out to be an extremely safe time to travel with all the extra security! Nor did it detract too much from an otherwise wonderful holiday with happy memories. One day we will return.


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