New York City

My youngest daughter is an art student. She wanted to go to the Modern Museum of Art so we planned a day in New York City. We took a train in to Grand Central and planned a walking route to visit some of the things in the neighborhood.  The first stop was Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.  There’s a lot of construction and scaffolding..inside and out.

Then we went to the Museum.  There was a statue with a live beehive for a head in the courtyard.

My fun cousin Stacey recommended ‘Serendipity’ for lunch. We had to backtrack a few blocks to get there but it was worth it!

Back to 5th Avenue..I wanted to look at the window displays and visit Fao Schwartz one last time before it closes on July 15

It was a great day image

Christmas in New York

There’s nothing like Christmas in New York City. My cousin came up from Florida for a visit and we took a train into Manhattan. We did as many of the “Christmas tourist” things that we could fit in and had so much fun!!! The windows at Sax 5th Avenue were so gorgeous! We went to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockettes and the angels, the tree and the skaters at Rockefeller Center. On our way to see Macy’s windows, we stopped at the Christmas festival in Bryant Park. Times Square was crazy, as usual. Carnegie’s is always fun and I still think their cheesecake is the best ever.