Sourdough & Detergent

I neglected my sourdough starter for too long and it died. I started a new batch today and I’ll be able to start using it next week. I made it the old fashioned way, following Sally Fallon’s instructions in ” Nourishing Traditions”. I ground 2 cups of rye into flour and added 2 cups of cold water. The mixture stays covered with a clean cloth and will be kept on the kitchen counter. For the next 6 days I’ll transfer the starter into a clean bowl and add a cup of rye flour and a cup of water.  It will get bubbly. Then it will settle down a bit and be ready for me to use for bread and baked goods. After that, I’ll keep it refrigerated and fed with rye flour and water . Hopefully, it will last for years, unless I abandon it again.

Two or three times a year, I make laundry detergent.  One batch makes 5 gallons.   I was getting low  so I made that too.  It took about 20 minutes and it has to stand for 24 hours.  Tomorrow I’ll fill up my milk cartons and be set for a while.

Sourdough Bread

Every week I make a loaf of this delicious, crusty sourdough bread.   I began the sourdough starter some time ago, using organic rye flour and  following the instructions in  “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon.   I tried a bunch of bread recipes and finally came upon this one and have stuck with it ever since!

I use organic, unbleached white flour and 2 cups of my sourdough starter instead of the 1 cup in this instructable because my starter is so much thinner than hers.  It comes out great every time.  After the first day it is baked, I keep it in the refrigerator wrapped in a cotton dish towel.   This lasts all week , although we do toast it the last day or so as it is beginning to stale.image