Flowers & Bugs

We call plants that self sow and sprout up on their own, Volunteers. All the Foxgloves in my yard are Volunteers and I never have the heart to pull any of them. They are highly poisonous but so very beautiful!

Climbing Hydrangea is blooming. It’s great in shady places, grows quickly and anchors itself to fencing. New plants are started easily with cuttings. It can be a bit aggressive.

I saw this big, glittery bug hanging by its feet from a spiderweb. Its wings were beating frantically. Without even thinking, I plucked it out of the web. The hind legs and one antennae were all stuck together. I didn’t want to leave it like that so I untangled it and got the stickiness off with my fingernail. It took a long time and I was afraid that I was hurting the poor thing. When I was finally done, the bug climbed a lily, checked himself over and then flew away. Does anyone know what kind of bug this is?

Ironically, while I was trying to help this bug I noticed a tic on my leg and mercilessly crushed it. image

The Hawk

Yesterday I was plagued with worrying thoughts.  As I went about my work, these thoughts grew to such an extent that I lost focus on the task on hand.  I dropped an entire pot of soup stock on the kitchen floor.   Then, I knocked a cutting board full of vegetables into a dirty sink.  After cleaning everything up and feeling very annoyed with myself, I decided to take a break and  do some yoga poses.  Unpopular as this may sound, I don’t like yoga at all.  I’ve  had to do it  since I was a teenager because of back and neck problems.   I put it off shamelessly.  Yesterday, I was hoping  it would  balance me out.  In the middle of a halfhearted warrior pose,  I began to wobble and came crashing down.   Ouch!!!  Self pity threatened to take over.  No way.

Grabbing my i pad, limping and rubbing my shoulder ( which still hurts, lol), I went to my gardens, determined to see beautiful things, bigger than my problems and be grateful for them. As I was trying to take a picture of a tree, a hawk flew right over my head.  It was so close, I was under his shadow and I felt the wind from his wings. It happened so fast but as he swept past me, I saw the giant spread of his feathers and I reached out my hand, thinking I could touch him.  I couldn’t of course but he lifted up and perched on the tree I had been trying to take a picture of.   We stood looking at each other for a while and I lifted my camera to take pictures of him and he flew away.