April Showers

The rhubarb is unfurling and things are coming alive. The fritillaries I planted are looking good but seem to have had no effect on deterring moles. My front yard is a giant mole hotel. All the roses except the rugosas are ruined, the roots eaten to nubs.
It’s raining so I’ll be spending the day in the kitchen.   I have more seedlings to transplant, (they are taking over the house!),  and I want to catch up on some cooking. There’s chicken broth on the stove. We buy local, free range chickens and not a bit is wasted. Even the bones are used.. burnt in the fireplace and composted.
If I have time, I might work on some needlework later and make some berry crumble with the last of the blackberries and raspberries, in the freezer from last year’s crop.

Happy, productive days!

Garden Update, Natural Mole Control (try &try again)

These are the stragglers I collected from the garden this morning. The warm weather we had last week turned these peppers nice and red. There’s about a dozen left outside, green as can be. I think I might have to embrace their greenness as the temperature is turning cold. Cabbage and kale are still growing, rather worm-bitten in places. Next year I will call it quits with Lancinato kale and stick with the curly green. The little green worms aren’t interested in the curly green but can’t seem to get their fill of Lancinato.
My fifteen year battle of the moles continues! I won’t kill them Continue reading