It’s all Relative

Record breaking cold and more snow on the way.  A few years ago, I saw a news report featuring a middle aged woman, braving the darkest neighborhoods in New Haven.  On  the coldest nights, such as these, she  checks on the homeless. She encourages them to allow her to bring them to shelters.  She leaves warm food and blankets to those that don’t wish to go.  Sometimes she has to call an ambulance.   I watched as the news cameras focused in on this woman.   Filled with awe and admiration, I was shocked to recognize her as my second cousin. She was clearly impatient to get on with her work and not at all interested in an interview or a pose.  She is a true hero and I never even  knew it.  I can’t believe the same blood runs in our veins.  I feel shamed to think of the complaining I’ve done about being cold and shoveling.