Daffodils, Garlic and Little Fish

The first daffodils opened today!  The garlic has poked through and is looking nice and sturdy.  Seed potatoes are coming in tomorrow.

I lost all the fish in the pond this winter. Talking to the girl at the pet store, I found out that many pond owners here lost their fish.  The winter was just too cold for too long.   I’ll be introducing a few fish at a time  into the pond for the next month.  These are feeder fish.  People buy them to feed other pets. They cost a dime each.  I feel sorry  for the fish that froze over the winter but living for 8 years in my pond was a better fate than what they may have met as turtle food.

Little Garden Pond

image       Years ago, I read an article about the mysterious disappearance of frogs.   Their population was declining and there was a lot of speculation as to what  was causing it.  People were encouraged to make safe havens in their yards by implementing a water feature and not using toxic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.   That was my incentive to make my first  little pond.   Continue reading