Hibiscus, Harvest & Sourdough

All the hibiscus are blooming. A few  raspberries and green beans are still trickling in. The cucumbers are taking over with a vengeance. Once again, my squash succumbed to mildew and I wish I had planted more potatoes.

The sourdough starter I made last week was ready to use Monday and I baked its first loaf of bread yesterday. I stuck with the recipe from, My Sister’s Kitchen. It never does me wrong.

36 thoughts on “Hibiscus, Harvest & Sourdough

  1. I’ve been picking a half a pint of raspberries every day for a couple of weeks. They are close to the end, but I’m loving every one. And, this winter when I pull some out of the freezer it will be with a big smile. My squash are in bad shape too, and my cucumbers are covering the counter. Summer is a good season. Love your Hibiscus. 🙂


    • I can’t remember what kind of potatoes …..I always go for the red and my friend at Agway orders me the untreated, organic ones. I didn’t know deer liked green beans. That stinks! They ate lots of my cabbage and all of my radicchio. Grrrr

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      • haha. Not much anyone can do about deer. We have some great golden delicious apples and the deer basically sleep under the tree in the fall… too bad too, since the apples are good and we’d like to eat some too.


  2. Hi Cynthia,
    Hibiscus are such show stoppers, aren’t they? How do you store your potatoes over winter, Cynthia?
    The homegrown kind are so much better than the store potatoes. I used to live across from a field of potatoes and I can tell you that we should put rubber gloves on to peel store potatoes. The farmer put up skull and cross bones signs telling people to not enter the field because of the poison used to kill the leaves before they harvest. What the heck is it? Agent Orange? Scary. I like to think of your world where you keep everything natural and healthy. Of course, I have no idea of what you look like, but in my mind you have a bib apron on (I have five.) and you are shelling peas still warm from the garden.

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    • Thanks to you , Derrick and your Head Gardener… I do admire her so much!
      As for the bee picture, I was happy with it but… You are the Man when it comes to photos… Your poppy and bumblebee picture is a masterpiece

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  3. I’ll give you a hint on what to do with all of those potatoes. Can them! Scrub them up, cut them up and pressure can them with the skins on. They are awesome! And here’s my favorite recipe. After they are canned, drain the water, throw them in a gallon ziploc bag, add a package of dry onion soup mix, and some olive oil. Shake it up. Pour onto a cookie sheet and bake. Yum yum! “Healthy” fries 🙂


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