My husband and I took a ride through the hills. We spent the day in an artsy little town, Rhinebeck, New York.
Rhinebeck has a real vintage vibe – there’s a big, old family-owned five and dime store in the center of town along with clothing stores, unique little shops, cafés and pubs.
Lots of the shops have hand made things for sale. I really liked Nectar. It is a beautiful store and everything in there is fair trade, green or repurposed. The owner, Jenny, was really friendly and she told me she travels all over the world for her merchandise.
We had lunch outside on the patio of Terrapin restaurant. They have fresh, crusty artisan breads and handmade cheeses. Their food is sourced locally and they use organic ingredients. Everything was fresh and full of flavor… deliciousness!
The little pizza shop in town sells handmade ice cream. I couldn’t resist. I got a black currant and cream ice cream cone and it was really good.
We went off the beaten path a little bit and found a big barn/ Antique mart. It was fun to poke around in there for a while before heading home.

31 thoughts on “Rhinebeck

    • I’m lucky to live here. My town is small and pretty rural but Manhattan is an hour and a half away. Boston, just over 2 hours. Philadelphia, 4 hours. There’s so many interesting little cities and towns all between.

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    • It will be past Foliage Season by then. Still a pretty ride though. Are you going upstate or visiting New York City? I wouldn’t want to drive and park in Manhattan.


  1. Oh, how I love Rhinebeck. My eldest daughter went to school at Bard, so my husband and I got to know the area very well. I’ve even eaten at Terrapin, and, yes, the food is delicious.

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  2. I have friends in Arkville whom I visit annually and have on occasion made a side trip to Rhinebeck. I, too, found it artsy and a bit quirky. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music


  3. Lol, Missy! You would love it . The five and dime store in the center of town has a crafts department and the back of the store opens up into a big ‘Yarn Barn.’ It’s like going back in timw


  4. I grew up there and it has changed alot. Great place in the summer. At any given time you could see Billy Joel sitting out side having a drink at one of the local bars. And many other celebs. Great people live in Rhinebeck. Many I grew up with are still there, including my family. A great place.

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  5. It must have been great to grow up there. It felt like a friendly place. It supports a lot of small, independent businesses which always says a lot for the community. I loved the big Hardware store!
    It must have been cool seeing Billy Joel hanging out like a regular guy:)


    • Yes it was. People left him alone too , which is good. The have a renovated hotel in rhinecliff now called, The Rhincliff. Nice place to stay.Right next to train station.


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