1 Year Blogging!

Yesterday Word Press notified me that I’ve been blogging for a year!
It’s been such a great experience.There are so many wonderful blogs and people out there and so many more to discover:)

48 thoughts on “1 Year Blogging!

  1. Hi Cynthia,

    Happy 1st year! I found your blog thru a piano teacher blogger (Sara’s music studio) and I love your natural approach with profundity. I live in the Brussels, Belgium area and meant to take a photo of a beautiful flax field for you – next year, ok?

    Thanks for all you do, Sarah Arnold La Hulpe, Belgium


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  2. Oh, congratulations! And what a lovely picture on this post. I, too, get so much out of the blogging community. I truly feel as though I among friends.


      • In that case, I would highly recommend you get the book: Sepp Holtzer’s Permaculture, I just finished it a few weeks ago and will hopefully soon write a quick review of it also, it is a must read for sure! Very inspiring and a lot of good easy to follow info. including food storage, ointments / natural remedies, creating ponds etc.


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