Sourdough & Detergent

I neglected my sourdough starter for too long and it died. I started a new batch today and I’ll be able to start using it next week. I made it the old fashioned way, following Sally Fallon’s instructions in ” Nourishing Traditions”. I ground 2 cups of rye into flour and added 2 cups of cold water. The mixture stays covered with a clean cloth and will be kept on the kitchen counter. For the next 6 days I’ll transfer the starter into a clean bowl and add a cup of rye flour and a cup of water.  It will get bubbly. Then it will settle down a bit and be ready for me to use for bread and baked goods. After that, I’ll keep it refrigerated and fed with rye flour and water . Hopefully, it will last for years, unless I abandon it again.

Two or three times a year, I make laundry detergent.  One batch makes 5 gallons.   I was getting low  so I made that too.  It took about 20 minutes and it has to stand for 24 hours.  Tomorrow I’ll fill up my milk cartons and be set for a while.

20 thoughts on “Sourdough & Detergent

  1. I so admire your confidence in making sourdogh starter. I tried for six months some fifteen years ago to make it – maybe longer ago than that – when the artisan bread ‘craze’ first came into fashion. Total abject failure for me, so I am always impressed when folks can actually make a starter that makes bread!! BTW, I’ve tried a couple of times to access your laundry soap recipe and my browser tel;ls me there’s an error. Might check… Have a wonderful day!!

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    • How annoyed you must have felt! All the antibacterial cleaning products can foil a good starter attempt. Maybe your kitchen was too sanitary:)
      Thanks for the heads up on the link. It’s so hot here today, I think my brain may be in slow motion.


    • The detergent formula is easy and it works. It’s even easier and quicker to make the powdered detergent. I have a front loading washer and have to use liquid but someone posted the powdered recipe in a comment below. Both are big money savers and it’s a good feeling as far as being environmentally conscientious.

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    • Thanks! Sourdough starter seemed intimidating to me too before I tried it. It turned out to be simple. The challenging part was keeping up with the starter and not forgetting about it in the fridge:)


  2. Nothing like the smell of bread in the oven!! It’s amazing too how once you stop using artificial fragrances and cleaning products , you get a whole different take on how you smell everything


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