New Haven

Saturday was cold, wet and dreary. Sunday brought more of the same and I could feel myself beginning to wallow in it. I convinced my husband to skip town and we took a little road trip down to New Haven. The city was pretty congested because Yale was having its Summer Camp check in and there was a Caribbean festival going on in town so we spent the afternoon on Chapel Street. It’s a nice walking area with lots of unique shops, restaurants and some of the old Yale campus buildings. I found a birthday present for my daughter in one of my favorite stores and a pretty piece of vintage wrapping paper in an art store. The paper will be perfect for a decoupage project I have in mind.


We had lunch at one of my favorite cafés, Claire’s Cornucopia.

image image

It ended up being a fun day.

22 thoughts on “New Haven

  1. Lovely day in a lovely place! Thanks for bringing me along memory lane, I was in New Haven in 2008, all by myself 🙂 I visited Yale uni and especially the art gallery where there were great masters, old and contemporary. Had something to eat in the large bookshop across the road from the art gallery. It was a very enjoyable visit. I love New England. Have a great week!

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    • Thanks, Agnes. I know that book store, it’s still there! I haven’t been to the museum in many years but I remember seeing a small Van Gogh that I really liked. I will have to go back again soon

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      • It’s interesting you mention the Van Gogh Cynthia. When I went there, there was a special exhibit of the Van Gogh’s ‘Starry night’, at the time I was more interested in the Rothko’s, the Kandinsky, and the Pollocks. A strange thing happened, as I stood looking at Starry Night a feeling of total joy came over me, it was amazing and just goes to show the energy that can come from seeing a real painting rather than a reproduction. A lovely gallery and so much enjoyed my visit.

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