Strawberry Sauce & Lacecap Hydrangeas

The strawberries are almost done. My daughters came over and we had strawberry sundaes. I added sugar to whole, fresh strawberries and cooked them down over medium low heat until the mixture became thick and syrupy. After it cooled, we spooned it over strawberry ice cream and topped it off with freshly whipped cream. My pregnant daughter added bananas and chocolate sauce to hers.


My 2 year old red currant bush has set out some nice berries that I’ve been harvesting and freezing. It will probably yield only a few cups of berries in total this year.  They will taste good  combined with raspberries in a crisp or crumble.

I like blue lace cap hydrangeas. They send out runners, like the Annabelle hydrangea. In early Spring, the runners can be easily dug up with the roots and soon you have a whole new bush. A few years ago, I started with 2 bushes and now I have 6. I planted some of them in with the blueberries and lavender. I had read that all the blue flowering plants camouflage the blueberries from the birds. I’m not sure it has proven to be very effective but it’s a pretty combination.

Flora had her bath. Since she spends most of her days roaming around with me in the gardens, she’ll look dirty in no time. I figured I’d take a picture of her while she’s nice and clean. image Have a good weekend everyone!

29 thoughts on “Strawberry Sauce & Lacecap Hydrangeas

  1. The season for strawberries is a long way away here so I am salivating at your descriptions. 🙂 Your garden looks productive and the green chair looks very tempting. A great shot.


  2. My strawberries have been gone for a whilem but my blackberrty bush is covered with nearly ripe berries (and lots of screening) and I’m really looking forward to my first taste. Flora is adorable. I’ll bet she’s great company in the garden.

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    • Blackberries are my favorite too! I hope you’ve gotten to eat a few since your last post. Flora is great company. She doesn’t have to be leashed, she’s happy just trailing around with me. I’m so lucky to have this little buddy by my side.

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  3. I especially love the blue hydrangeas they are so beautiful, have some in the garden and nearly in flower.
    Your garden is looking super Cynthia!


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