Hard Goodbye.. live, love, laugh

When I was a little girl, I went to a fairy tale wedding. My cousin Kathy looked like Cinderella and the man she married had fallen in love with her at first sight. His name was John and known as ‘Crazy Johny’. He had wild black hair and a big laugh. He danced on tables, sometimes got into trouble and was known to disappear into the woods for days on end. He was intense….strong, fiercely loyal, always learning, positive and kind. He played hard and worked harder.  That paid off.  He had lots of friends, fun adventures and a beautiful house and family to come home to.  His wife and their children were always the loves of his life.

A few years ago, my life changed. My Mom died suddenly. My Dad needed a lot of help. 2 of my 3 daughters left home. My business began to fail and eventually closed. It was a lonely and disorienting transition. I spent my down time playing Scrabble on the computer. I was surprised one day when my crazy cousin Johny challenged me to a game. That developed into a relationship that I will also be thankful for.  He told me lots of stories that made me laugh and sometimes cry.  Life through his eyes was a beautiful world to see. He let people be who they were. The ones he loved would always be loved, no matter what. He laughed, had fun and ate lots of good food. He was true to himself, his word and the people in his life. (there were many!).

I didn’t realize at first that he was battling a disabilitative disease though it was already into advanced stages. He didn’t allow his illness to define himself, his life or his relationships.  Last week the illness claimed his life.  It never claimed  him.

62 thoughts on “Hard Goodbye.. live, love, laugh

  1. I am sorry your friend is gone. But I like to believe that Crazy John is in the same dimension as my brother Bob who was dearly loved and is still – 5 years later – dearly missed. Hold on to the love he gave you. It never dies and it does soothe.

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    • I believe that too. I am sorry that you lost your brother. No matter how much time has passed, I am sure you still love and miss him. The world becomes a different place when people leave


    • He was wonderful! Thanks, Sharon. My cousin and her children are in a horrible place right now. They are all very close and supportive of each other and strong themselves. The loss is terrible but they will be okay

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  2. I hope you will send this tribute honoring Johny to your cousin. It is truly beautiful. Johny was what I think of as a real man. He made others feel better when he was battling his own problems. What a beautiful person. You are incredible, too, Cynthia, because you “get it.”

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    • Thank you, Ginene. He was a ‘real man’… And a self made man… Very protective and loyal, strong. He loved his wife and kids more than anything. They are amazing people too. He has a son that is very much like him

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  3. Dear Cynthia, I am very sorry to hear you have lost such a wonderful and supportive positive friend in your life. You worded it beautifully and I am sure his family will feel supported. My thoughts and prayers for you xo Johanna

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  4. Oh Cynthia I am so very sorry about your loss. Your story was so beautiful.Life hands us with so many things It was wonderful to have such a kind and interesting soul in your life. We all need people who love us and bring us to a higher lever. Crazy John was the one to do it. You will cherish his memory forever. HUgs to you

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  5. A beautiful tribute to someone who seemed to live life on his own terms, yet gave much love to others.
    How fortunate to have such a person in your life, and how sad his passing must be to his loved ones, Cynthia.
    My condolences.


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