Strawberry Moon

Today’s full moon is called ‘Strawberry Moon’ by the Native Americans. Right on cue, the strawberries have started to ripen. I am wondering how this season will pan out with all the erratic weather. The temperature dropped more than 30 degrees, it’s barely made it into the 50’s the last few days. Cold temperatures have come with heavy rains and flood warnings.
The peach tree I planted in early May is looking distressed. Leaves are turning yellow and dropping. I’m hesitant to dose it with anything. Transplant shock, extreme temperatures and water fluctuations are most likely the cause. I took a superstitious route instead and planted Hyssop around it.
The blueberry bushes are chock full, Clematis is just opening and the Irises are winding down.
The rainy days have been good for catching up on indoor work. I finally cornered my college girl into going through her clothes and weeding them out. No easy task! Her older sisters send everything they don’t want her way so we waded through a LOT of things and donated more than we ended up keeping.
My oldest daughter is 7 months along with her pregnancy already and she is doing great! The baby is now the size of a coconut and weighs over 4 pounds. I have a tiny room upstairs I’d like to make into a nursery for when baby comes to visit. I’d planned to use the crib I had from when my girls were little but my daughter wants me to buy a new one with current safety standards. Hmmm… I understand her wanting everything ‘just right’. This is her first baby and she’s the first born herself…very much a type A personality, she’s a lawyer. I think the crib may just be the beginning, lol.

22 thoughts on “Strawberry Moon

  1. Wish I could share some of our hot, dry weather, balance things out. 😀 I’m curious to see if the hyssop works. I love using the old fashioned methods when possible. How exciting about the newest member of the family. 🙂

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    • That would be nice! Hyssop is an interesting herb. It’s specifically mentioned as being very healing in lots of ancient text. I figure, it can’t hurt! Very excited about the new baby!

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  2. Wow, the fruit looks great. I know too well that period of watching a transplanted tree go through the shock. I hope yours comes around in the long run, especially if it means you will have peaches from it someday!
    Smiling at the first born, “just right,” type A. You will have a magical place for baby to visit and explore as he/she grows, I can tell.

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    • Transplanting an established tree is risky. Thanks for the good wishes! Your comments always make me smile. Yes, “just right”, lol! She’s a funny match with me in lots of ways. She used to wish for the perfect preppie Mom when she was a teenager….so not me. I hope your words come true about the baby loving it here… Thanks so much!

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  3. Awh…your daughter in her first pregnancy!!! So sweet! and exciting!
    Strawberries…yes, my dear friend made my favorite strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries…I was just snarfling away like a happy toddler ;0) Enjoy yours, Johanna

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  4. I never heard of a “strawberry moon” – very cool info. My theory with the crib/nursery situation is that the nicer you make it, the more they will come back to visit & bring the baby. So – go for it!

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  5. I wish your daughter all the best with her first pregnancy. Will it be your first Grandchild? It is lovely being a Granny! Our daughters were the same about current safety standards and the cot that had been mine and theirs was no good……. The hardest thing to start with was learning to put the baby ‘ back to sleep’ when we had been taught to put them on their fronts.
    What delights you have to come! X x


  6. Thank you! Yes, this is my first grandchild. I’m glad you mentioned that your daughters were the same about getting a new crib. The experts change their minds about so many things, I expect there will be a lot for me to learn again. I probably forgot most of it anyway, it’s been so long. My baby is 19!


  7. Cynthia
    Your life will change, the delights of a new member of the family I have 7 grandchildren the youngest is almost 3 and makes me pinky promise things these days and my oldest is off to Babson College this fall where does the time go
    My oldest daughter will graduate from law school this fall never really thought about first child type a you are so right
    Good luck with the garden more rain coming tonight I think we are over the drought, cold and damp today

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    • 7 grandchildren! Nice that they are spread out a bit in age too. 3 years old is such a sweet age!
      Congratulation on your law school graduate. That is quite an accomplishment. My brain does not work that way. I took a trial test with my daughter when she was studying for LSATs and I got every question wrong.
      I’m glad to be over the drought and I will be happy to see it get warm again. Thanks, Carole!


  8. Congrats on the new addition Cynthia!! How exciting. Sorry to hear about your fickle weather. Ours is the opposite. The southern portion of California is beginning to look like a set for a Mad Max movie.

    Can you explain what the deal is with Hyssop? I’m slightly superstitious too and have a peach tree, so lay it on me!

    Have you ever tried to add a “tea” made from spent coffee grounds to your acid loving blueberries? It’s like giving them steroids with noticeable growth within a 24 hour period!

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  9. Thanks for the blueberry tip! I use coffee grounds on them but didn’t think of extending them into a tea.
    Your drought situation there sounds just awful.
    I had an eccentric old friend named Arthur . He spent years studying at the Edgar Cayce foundation. Also spent a lot of his time studying ancient texts, botany, Culpepper, the bible … He extolled the virtues of Hyssop. Was convinced it had metaphysical and medicinal properties. He loved to tell me about its restorative and strengthening effects it had on all living things. It stuck with me so I planted 7 plants around the peach tree.


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