There’s been no rain for weeks, temperatures have been in the 80’s, the soil dusty and as dry as a bone. Finally, last night thunder storms rolled in. Relief! I’ve been working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week getting seeds planted and annuals set out. I’m almost done. It’s wet, hot and humid out today and the Mosquitos are swarming so I’m booking off and having my friend over. She’s a gardener by trade and needs a break too. Both of us are feeling (and looking) a little crooked and scraggly. We’re going to make stepping stones, drink tea and have eggplant and oatmeal cookies for lunch.

38 thoughts on “Rain!

  1. We had that same dry spell – until last night. Must have been the same storm – it hit us around 6:30 pm last night & then we got some more rain after I went to bed. Everything looks happier out there. You’re right, though – it left a hot, sticky day today – not much fun out there. Your place looks just stunning!


    • Thanks, Jodie! We do seem to be in the same weather pattern. Odd how it got so hot so quick and really weird to have such a dry May! Things are blooming out of sync. I haven’t even had a rose bloom yet.

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      • I’ll tell you what – I have never had so many birds in my backyard – I go out there & it’s a mass scattering every time. And NO BITING BUGS (yet). Even today when it’s as thick as the rain forest out there. So I think the birds are eating the bugs. – But are the birds en mass because of the weird weather or because of all of my new plants? Ah, there is the question.

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  2. Can’t wait to see your stepping stones. I just ordered molds and want to start now so I have enough for a path this Fall. We’ve had ten inches of rain this month and it’s raining again today. Sure wish I could send some of mine your way!!

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    • I bet your stones and your path will look wonderful! I’ve been making these for a few years and should have made a plan before I started. Somehow, it all works out, lol


    • When my kids were young, I used to dream of uninterrupted garden time! When they got older, most of my time was spent up between my family and running a business. This is a dream come true for me

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      • I hear ya. I am still running my business (bookkeeping), which takes up much of my days – but I am flexible enough to schedule off on good gardening days! My oldest is 24 and an architect in Manhattan. My twins (boy/girl) are just finishing their junior year of HS. I am a junior Cynthia.

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        • Yes! That was me 2 years ago. My life is so different now in such a short period of time. Took some getting used to. Jodie, you are sentimental like me. Creative too, luckily! I hope we are still blogging when your twins go off to college:)

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  3. You know, I noticed unusual bird behavior here in northern Illinois, also. It was a cold spring and the birds are just mating now. My neighbors and I have noticed groups of five or more males fighting over females on Main Street and in the alley. And, more than one group! Isn’t that odd? None of us ever noticed their “goings on” before, but they are so LOUD. Cynthia, have the mosquito bites been keeping you awake at night? I hate that! That photograph of the Lily of the Valley is so, so beautiful. I often use one of your photographs as my screen saver…I enjoy them longer that way.

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  4. That is odd about the birds! Ginene, you say the nicest things. I love that you like my pictures. I use my phone to take them all. That lily of the valley was a gift. I never saw the bug until after it was taken. The mosquito bites combined with poison ivy I picked up are keeping me up. Ugh:)


  5. I just LOVE your garden, Cynthia! You truly have been having weather extremes this year. I think we are getting all of your rain here in Chicagoland. Our gardens are growing lush and green… and the weeds are just out of control!! Next week looks sunny, so I will try hard to tidy things up. Hope you will share photos of your stepping stones. So glad you stopped to enjoy lunch and crafty time with a friend! Sending you a few more gentle raindrops! ♡


  6. Glad you got some rain there. We’ve had less than an inch the entire month of May. It’s been brutal. I just checked the weather forecast and still none in sight for the next few days.

    Maybe soon. In the meantime we play the hand nature has given us…

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