Sweet Violet Simple Syrup

Violets are in full bloom throughout the garden so I made some sweet violet syrup.  A spoonful in a cup of herbal or darjeeling tea  is  delicious.  A splash in a glass of iced water adds a tinge of color, subtle flavor and a  bit of sweetness.  It can be added to fruit salads, lemonade, iced tea or cocktails.

I picked violets without the stems and washed them in cold water.  Then I loosely packed the flowers into a clean glass jar and covered them with boiling water.   Eight hours later, I strained the infused water and measured it . There was 3 cups.  I put the violets, infused water and 3 cups of sugar (same measurement as the infused water) into a non reactive pan and stirred it over low heat until all the sugar was dissolved.  I added the juice of 1 lemon.  (Lemon is optional. I like the taste  better with the lemon but it does change the color of the syrup,  giving it a pinkish hue instead of purple.)  I strained the violets out with a  fine mesh strainer and poured the syrup into a sterilized glass jar. Once it cooled down, it went into the fridge where it will be stored.

I should probably mention that violets that may have been exposed to pesticides, lawn fertilizers or sprays should never be used.   Also, I took some shortcuts from traditional methods. I infused the violets for 8 hours  and most recipes recommend  letting them sit for 24 hours.  I used  organic cane sugar  which isn’t pure white and  I didn’t remove the green parts  at the bases of the flowers,  probably compromising the color of the syrup.  Here’s a link for a recipe without the shortcuts  and with some more good ideas on how to use the syrup.


37 thoughts on “Sweet Violet Simple Syrup

  1. Thank you for a most wonderful post on this Sunday morning Cynthia, why even the photos of the beautifully coloured little flowers make one feel real good. I must say that I love the look of your syrup too. I did not try it this year but you have inspired me to put it on my list for next spring, thank you. Have a relaxing day.

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  2. Alas my violets are all gone for this year but I bookmarked this page. I was taught how to make candied violets, which is a lot of delicate work but your syrup not only looks easier but seems to have a lot more uses. I can certainly gather the required amount of violets. It will be so much fun.

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    • This is so flexible as to how many flowers to use. The trick is to match the amount of infused water to the sugar measurement. I went overboard because I wanted to send some syrup home with my daughters.
      I’ve never made candied violets. They are so pretty. Seems like a delicate and time consuming project. Very special!


  3. We seem to hit a lot of things at the same time, Ginene. I thought your area was much colder than it is here. Are you zone 5? Maybe it’s just because we are both having flukey weather this year. I’m reading all of Miss Read’s books again. Just finishing the ‘Caxley Chronicles’.


  4. Thanks for mentioning to be careful about exposure to environmental toxins! It’s so hard to tell the history of soil just by looking. Hard to tell what folks put into the ground today/yesterday even years ago. Some of it (like lead) still lurks, alas. Thx for sharing!!!


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