Bleeding Hearts & Tadpoles

Today I’m off on a little road trip with my friend Pat. About an hour away is a giant garden center. People visit from miles around. These days, I’m hesitant to buy anything because I don’t want to bring flowers into my yard that may have been sprayed with something that could kill the bees. I never would have even thought of that 10 years ago. I think that is sad.
On a happy note, we’re getting a much needed drizzle today. I planted 25 more strawberry plants and dug a new bed for my homeless potatoes yesterday so they’ll get a soak. A new bed isn’t ideal for potatoes but as I’m going to build the soil up anyway as the grow, I think it will be fine.
The bleeding hearts are looking gorgeous and my little pond is filled with tiny black tadpoles! I wonder what kind of frogs they are. They develop into tiny black frogs, only about 3 mm. long.
I finished the bag I started a while back. All ready for Spring!

25 thoughts on “Bleeding Hearts & Tadpoles

  1. The bag is beautiful. I just love watching tadpoles, they are like chickens, before you know it you have spent an hour with them. My bleeding hearts don’t even have buds on them yet, yours look so beautiful. Hope you enjoy your garden shop trip.

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    • Thank you! Yes, it is the same for me with tadpoles and I was like that when I had chickens too! I love bleeding hearts. My friend doesn’t because she says hers take over and become invasive.


  2. So glad you are careful about WHERE your plants come from. Out here, we know which local nurseries are using pesticides, although thankfully, most local nurseries do not. Are you guaranteed joyous frog song all summer? I love it when the frogs sing in the rain!!

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    • It’s hard to really know here. I ask and try to be polite about it but it’s a touchy subject.
      The frogs are so loud my daughters used to complain that they kept them awake some nights. I love hearing them


  3. The bleeding hearts are so pretty. I love watching tadpoles develop too. As children Dad always took us to collect frogs spawn. At first we would keep them in a large sweet jar, eventually progressing to an old tin bath in the garden. I have done it with my children but the last time some of the baby frogs escaped! x

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  4. It’s a wonder your fish didn’t eat all the tadpoles. I wonder if you can quarantine new plants from nurseries till they’re rid of pesticides or will there always be residual amounts to harm bees. These days some pesticides are genetically embedded in the DNA of plants so they’re living poison, I suppose. It is sad. Love love love your bag.

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    • Thanks Mary! It’s funny, the fish never eat the tadpoles. From what I understand, this country is worse than yours and European countries where nasty pesticides and GMO’s are concerned. The standards are quite different. There is a grass roots movement trying to change things and inform people about how gross they are.

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  5. So much loveliness, Cynthia! Your Bleeding Hearts are so pretty and your handmade bag is just gorgeous!! Hoping to see the little frogs soon! ♡


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