Asparagus for Breakfast

So thankful to wake up to sunshine, flowers and WATER! Our water was restored yesterday. Early in the morning until late afternoon.. all weekend long, this small business owner worked to replace our water pump and tank. The pump was 200 feet down into the ground! I am so thankful to him. He went above and beyond what I expected. There are still business owners that care, do excellent work and have a lot of integrity.
The flowering trees are still blooming, the currant bushes are in blossom too. The funny fritillaries didn’t seem to help my mole problem but I like the whimsical note they bring.
Asparagus is coming in. There’s nothing like it….freshly picked from the garden, blanched in boiling water just until the color turns very bright so it is tender yet slightly crisp. I melt a little butter on it and add a sprinkle of sea salt. I had it first thing this morning, out in the garden with some coffee and cream.
I planted the apple trees this weekend. A few years ago, my cousin in South Carolina gave me an odd tip; when planting fruit trees, she adds a handful or 2 of dry dog food into the hole. I’ve done it ever since. I wonder if that is a common thing?
Happy Spring!

22 thoughts on “Asparagus for Breakfast

  1. Asparagus, yes, three times a day! I am going to try a new recipy and have it in lasagna! Apple trees and dog food? Never heard of it but it makes sense: a good fertilizer and not much danger of harming the roots! Good Luck! Johanna

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  2. I wonder if the dry dog food acts as a slow release fertiliser, like blood and bone (worth looking at the ingredients for dog food; I don’t have a dog). Glad to hear about the water; good man! So envious about the asparagus but I have some growing in a planter; reckon I’ll get some next year. 🙂

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  3. Great news about the water! The fritillaries are always a fun looking flower – I like the little orange pop.
    Neat trick with the dog food. I know that the bulk of even cheap stuff is cooked protein and bone and that they add vitamins, minerals and fat to it. I reckon the protein and bone is like bone-meal fertilizer and the fats encourage microbial activity which would release the vitamins…it’s a good tip!

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  4. Glad your water is back on. I have a few questions if you have time to answer. First, is that a magnolia tree? If it is, what kind is it? I think I like them. Also, do you eat your currants? If you do and they’re good, what kind of bush do you have. Are they easy to maintain? Thanks!

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  5. Asparagus so delicious this year. Glad you’re enjoying it. And happy to hear you have water once again. As for dog food with fruit trees – I will have to ask around the master gardener community to find out if anyone has tried this. We use chamomile tea for seedling strength, but dog food?

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    • Thanks! It is so good ! Dog food is a funny thing to use. My cousin swears by it, lol. It would be interesting to hear if any of your friends have tried it:)


    • It’s odd to think that we still had snow just a few weeks ago. Yesterday it was 83 degrees. There are so many times when doing business, most of the effort seems to be put in to making the sale and falls disappointingly short from that point on. It’s refreshing and so appreciated when dealing with a business with integrity

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