Asparagus, Seedling & Geraniums

The days suddenly seem too short, there is so much to do. Most of the seedlings are brought outside during the day. The tomatoes are suffering a bit, too much too soon for them maybe. They’re sensitive at this age and it won’t be safe to set them in the garden until the end of the month. Cabbage, kale and bok choy stay out all day and night and will be planted out sooner. All the wintered- over geraniums are out too. They’re a bit leggy but once they get used to being outside, I’ll cut them back and repot them. If the temperatures dip too low, I’ll have to bring them in.
Picking up my seed potatoes, I couldn’t resist a gorgeous bundle of 2 year asparagus plants. Beware of impulse buys! I have an asparagus patch already, about a dozen plants.  They’re just starting to peek through.   I really didn’t need more but there’s nothing like fresh asparagus and they are perenniels.. Oh well. Asparagus beds have to be prepared properly. I used the space I had allocated for my potatoes. It was already prepared with good compost. I set the plants in and covered them with 6 wheelbarrows full of soil I have brewing beneath leaf piles in the back. I’ll continue to build up the bed on a weekly basis, adding more soil and amendments.. eggshells, compost, coffee grinds, etc. The process with potatoes is similar except I wont have to be as conscientious about keeping their plot as rich.
A couple dwarf apple trees and a tayberry bush arrived in the mail. Those will be planted out today. The trees are bare root so I set the roots in a bucket of water until I’m ready to go. Happy Spring!

22 thoughts on “Asparagus, Seedling & Geraniums

  1. Your season is much like mine in Syracuse. Hauled thirty toms down the stairs and then back up two hours later today. Chard and etc already in grow tables. Kohlrabi, a first for me, looking very pleased with itself!


  2. Thanks for the sight of spring – something for us Down Under to look forward to, though we still have to get through winter. Oh the arrival of new plants! I have to stop myself from acquiring more since I have no room but even when I don’t buy I propagate so the place is bursting. Surely this madness is a disease.

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  3. I had to look up what a Tayberry is. This is completely new to me and they have been around since the 1980s, I read. I let a little black raspberry cane grow up two years ago next to my building in the back and it is now a wild riot of canes. If only everything grew that indeterminately. Last year, I picked them to early and they were not sweet. My neighbor is the restaurant owner and when I presented her with a frozen package of cleaned black raspberries, she said that I picked them too early. But, believe it or not she made black raspberry ice cream and awarded it to me. It wad divine.

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    • Black raspberry ice cream is one of my favorites..maple walnut and butter pecan too. You are such nice neighbors to each other. I’ve heard that people in the midwest are the friendliest in the country. I have a few 3 year old taybury bushes. I’m excited to see what the fruit is like. They cross pollinate and I lost a pollinator over the winter so I’m set back a little.


  4. Happy May Day, Cynthia! It’s such fun to see all of your over-wintered geraniums sunning on the patio! It feels so good to be busy in the garden again. Thanks for the reminders about amending the soil. Happy days in the garden! ♡

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  5. All sounds great! We, ourselves, are actually finally able to leave our tomatoes and peppers out all the time now. We hope the tomatoes are in the ground in a week or so. Looking forward to seeing the progress of your gardens.

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