Heavenly Days

Some days are so perfect, I’m swept away by the beauty of it all. When I can let go of the urgency to capture and hold it and just be in it, that is the most glorious feeling in this world.

31 thoughts on “Heavenly Days

  1. We have had a string of those ‘perfect’ days, and I’m trying to keep gardening chores to a minimum so that I can enjoy. Glad to see that you are enjoying too!

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  2. That was taken walking in from the front yard. The flowering trees last such a little while but every year they are so amazing and the magnolia has such a light, sweet fragrance


  3. That’s truly why I love my garden – All of my urgency from work, the house, the laundry disappears. I am out there and the mockingbird is singing and we just get lost in it all. Deep yoga breath – it’s magic.

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