Say it isn’t Snow

Once it finally gets warm and things start growing and blooming outside, it feels as if it will last forever. But it snowed yesterday and last night the temperatures dipped into the 20’s. The magnolia blooms, still not quite opened are turning brown at the edges. I suspect the cold will take its toll in other ways but out in the yard everything looks fine and luckily, the snow didn’t stick.

22 thoughts on “Say it isn’t Snow

  1. No snow here, but last night was a beast and I hear tonight will be worse. I lost my basil despite covering it (I KNEW not to plant it yet, but you’re right about how it feels like the warm is here to stay.) Glad you didn’t lose much – Your porch looks so inviting!


    • Thanks, Jodie. Sorry about your basil.. Every year I fool myself and jump the gun on something. Today is freezing too but we might get into the 50’s here tomorrow. Guess that’s going to have to do. Ugh!

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  2. Spring does arrive in fits and starts! I find it frustrating to watch new growth burst forth in the early hot sun, only to shrivel back when the cold and white reappear for what seems like winter’s encore performances. I mowed the back yard slope yesterday afternoon because it was growing like crazy, even though the ground was still almost too moist to withstand the abuse of the yard-tractor wheels.

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  3. Thankfully it is agreed that it wasn’t snow, but let’s hope the temperatures accompanying the ‘Not Snow’ event haven’t done too much damage. I hate getting late snowfalls: the latest I’ve ever seen one here in the mountains is Dec 24th – so while we got a white Christmas, but the summer blooms sure weren’t happy!


  4. What a strange spring we’ve had! I keep thinking we’ve changed here from zone 6 to zone 5. Let’s hope we get a great summer with just enough heat and just enough rain!


  5. Wow – snow. We don’t get it in Sydney so I can’t tell if it’s the real thing πŸ™‚ Can’t believe you had a white Christmas, Matt. We’ve come to think we’re lucky if we get anything under 30ΒΊC around that time of year.


  6. Here in Virginia the temperature dropped suddenly for the last several days, the nights went down almost to freezing and there was snow falling in the hills west of me. I am so happy I bought myself a little greenhouse, I relate to Novascotiaroot’s commment about bed sheets and frost blankets, the yo-yo weather here requires a lot of that.

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