Daffodil Days & Seedlings

There’s lots of different types of daffodils blooming in my yard now.

The seeds planted back in March are doing well except for the Milkweed.  Not a single sprout in sight.  The growing seedlings get a boost of a tablespoon of fish emulsion  dissolved in a gallon of their water twice a week.   Kale, some herbs and cabbages are set out now, during the day.  The sprouted peas are planted in a potted trellis that held black eyed Susan vines last year.

Meanwhile, tomatoes, peppers and tender annuals continue to grow in the basement under lights. Our last frost date is in just 5 1/2 weeks and by then, everything will be planted out in the garden


28 thoughts on “Daffodil Days & Seedlings

  1. Two 70º (F) days last week “tricked” me and I sat out our Meyer lemon tree… Brought it back indoors yesterday as snow began falling. Trying to embrace Milkweed as a plant to keep…. As well Mustard Seed… indigenous plants… aggressive. Your seedlings look especially healthy…

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  2. I feel your pain – wet snow here today too, though no actual accumulation thankfully! My milkweed hasn’t sprouted either, fingers crossed it is just a really, really slow grower…here’s to warmer weather for you! Have you tried setting up little poly tunnels? I got mine set up last week and I am putting cold tolerant seedlings out this weekend to make room under my lights for more tender tomatoes. Working on that post now!

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    • I’ve never used poly tunnels. I’m glad you are doing a post on it! It seems a better method than what I do… Drag everything outside every day and back in for the night. I guess I’ll wait out the Milkweed a bit longer. I figured it was a no show. Warm weather for both of us!

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  3. Wow you are really dedicated, Cynthia. I’ll never complain about our weather again. What’s wrong with eternal spring? 🙂 The fact that it’s autumn here and it’s 25ºC outside should be a thing to celebrate; I suppose….


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  5. What part of the planet are you living? I’m in Texas and our last freeze is usually around the middle of April. We are blessed to have a long growing season. Starts cooling off a bit in September but not real cold till December.


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