April Showers

The rhubarb is unfurling and things are coming alive. The fritillaries I planted are looking good but seem to have had no effect on deterring moles. My front yard is a giant mole hotel. All the roses except the rugosas are ruined, the roots eaten to nubs.
It’s raining so I’ll be spending the day in the kitchen. ย  I have more seedlings to transplant, (they are taking over the house!), ย and I want to catch up on some cooking. There’s chicken broth on the stove. We buy local, free range chickens and not a bit is wasted. Even the bones are used.. burnt in the fireplace and composted.
If I have time, I might work on some needlework later and make some berry crumble with the last of the blackberries and raspberries, in the freezer from last year’s crop.

Happy, productive days!

37 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. What great activities for a rainy day. Actually, this time of year, I like a little rain, as long as it doesn’t continue for too long. Gives the old body a chance to rest ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Your poor roses, how frustrating. Moles might be incredibly cute and soft but complete pests in the garden! I guess they probably do the soil good or something? Your house looks rather like our conservatory. I hope you manage to get your needlework time! Have a great weekend, Sharon x


  3. I’m sorry hear about the loss of your roses and those pesky moles. I imagine they won’t stop at the roses. I hope you find a way to control them. I think Scottish Terriers are helpful, if you can live with that whole circle of life thing.

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    • I have a cat. She is feral and when I rescued her I agreed to never let her outside. She is a nightmare. I can’t get ahold of her to get her to the vet for a rabies shot. She bites. I would gladly let her out, in spite of the agreement but I worry that she isn’t vaccinated. She would be a great mole catcher.

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      • Our feral cats won’t let us near enough to even touch them. We were able to catch several and have them fixed, but we were advised to release them to keep the rat population under control.


        • That’s interesting. Im guessing the rabies thing isn’t a concern. Maybe I should let her out. She’s fixed and I think both the cat and I would both be a lot happier. Kittens are the cutest thing in the world.. I remember reading on your blog about the feral cats.

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          • I went through our local group that helps with the feral cats. If you can tame the kittens and make them indoor cats, that’s best. However, the woman I spoke to only had limited success with taming adult cats. They suggest trapping and having them fixed. I think they were given shots at the time, but that was years ago. It’s understood they won’t be brought in for shots again. I think it also depends on if rabies is a problem in your area. The main problem we have around here are the cats being hit by cars. It’s heartbreaking, but overall we have a pretty healthy colony. I’ll have to post some pictures.

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  4. What is that interesting looking plant in the top left corner? Rhubarb? Is it much work to maintain? Our last frost date is supposed to be 4/20. Finally able to put a lot of seedlings in the ground. We know what you mean about them taking over your house.

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    • Rhubarb is really easy and it comes up every year. The leaves are poisonous. lucky!! It’s more fun once they go outside. That”s an early frost date! soon it will be cherry blossom time:)


  5. Moles! Another pest we don’t have in Sydney, thank goodness but we have possums. They attack from above, denuding trees and stealing fruit but I am thankful for having the wildlife, living in the inner city.

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  6. Funny, all afternoon the farmer next to me has been shooting something…woodchucks, I’d guess. I love seeing rabbits in the yard but they sure do a number on the vegetables. The last of the seedlings will go out May 31!!


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