Daffodils, Garlic and Little Fish

The first daffodils opened today!  The garlic has poked through and is looking nice and sturdy.  Seed potatoes are coming in tomorrow.

I lost all the fish in the pond this winter. Talking to the girl at the pet store, I found out that many pond owners here lost their fish.  The winter was just too cold for too long.   I’ll be introducing a few fish at a time  into the pond for the next month.  These are feeder fish.  People buy them to feed other pets. They cost a dime each.  I feel sorry  for the fish that froze over the winter but living for 8 years in my pond was a better fate than what they may have met as turtle food.

31 thoughts on “Daffodils, Garlic and Little Fish

  1. I have six fantails (down from nine) and I sometimes feel sorry for them, confined in my ‘pond’ (aka large planter). However, at times I envy their leisure – and they’re getting bigger and fatter so life can’t be all that bad 🙂 Good luck with yours.

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  2. I’m sorry about your fish. We had a pond with fish at one point, and a great Blue Heron came and ate all our fish. So sad… But glad you’re re-stocking.


  3. I think those little fish are extremely lucky that that they ended up in your pond. I know most people would think I am over the edge but I can’t even go fishing now with live bait. I feel so sorry for them. The older I get, the more I care about every other living thing. Yes, your little golden fish are lucky. We all deserve a great summer after last winter, but especially after your winter.

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    • I know how you feel , Ginene. I was a vegetarian for a couple years for the same reason. Now I’m very discerning about what I buy and where it came from.
      Spring! Summer! It feels so good to see new life again! I hope things are warm and beautiful in Illinois!


      • Oh, me too – So glad I am not the only one with such a sensitive soul. I was out in the compost pile the other day and it was so full of worms . . . I was taking tiny little spoonfuls out because I was afraid to use a shovel with all of those worms in there. Took me forever – but no one was injured in the process.

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        • Lol!! Last fall my father was closing his pool and it was filled with big tadpoles. I scooped them out for hours, filling anything I could find. Finally I had to quit. I thought worms survived getting cut and made 2 worms if they were cut in half. That’s probably not true…one of those things you hear as a kid and just keep believing:)

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  4. I’m sorry about your fish….but they make excellent fertilizer in a planting hole for shrubs/trees (assuming they haven’t already been disposed of). If I were to keep fish, I would have to have sturdy mesh over the top of the pond – one thing about having skies full of large birds spells disaster for captive fish!!!!
    It’s amazing to see how quickly the flowers are reacting to the spring thaw – just a week ago, snow and now glorious flowers! Happy spring 🙂

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    • Funny how I felt bad seeing my fish floating and yet had salmon for dinner. Hypocrite! The pet store lady was surprised my fish lasted so long here. She said most people keep small ponds netted because of the birds.
      2 weeks ago… Snow everywhere, so weird. Never ceases to amaze me. Happy Spring!!

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  5. So sorry about your fish but they did have a terrific life with you. I would love to have a pond did you make your own or was it a pond on your property. I have a friend who had a man-made little pond and they would bring their fish in every year and put them in the basement I wonder how much trouble that is but you do see about your pond I’d love to hear about it the daffodils look wonderful


    • We dug it down 3 feet and lined it. Then we secured the edges with soil and rocks. By going down 3 feet, the fish normally survive the winters. My climate is similar to yours. I’m zone 5. Have a wonderful day, Carole. So sorry about Elliot… No question he was lucky indeed to have spent his time under your care and watching out for his sheep friends


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