20 thoughts on “Spring Clearing

    • Blue skies!! A bit of green… Just a couple weeks ago the snow was deep and everything was white and grey. It always kind of feels like a miracle this time of year. I think I must be very short sighted

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  1. Cynthia, That photograph of you lovely backyard is like an artist’s rendering. As I studied it to see what your backyard was like, I could actually feel the cool earth and there is something about the shadows of the trees across the lawn and the lonely, lacy white bench that made me kind of sad for a moment. I’m not saying that to bring you down but to say that you captured something wonderful with the camera. May I use this picture for a screen saver for awhile? ~Ginene

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  2. The crocus are almost luminescent! Beautiful pictures….and a very nice looking yard and bed. We had high winds yesterday so I couldn’t really work outside very easily. Today is my day to get out there and pick up twigs, move straw off my beds and get the soil ready to be warmed up. Looking forward to my day in the SUN! Hope you get another one, too.

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  3. How lovely to come across your blog post this morning on facebook, as I have not gone to my wordpress blog yet. It’s lovely when you discover little plants or flowers when working hard and least expecting them. Have a lovely Sunday, here the sky is heavy and slate grey, some rain and it was stormy last night but the wind has died down now. I will be planting out more broad beans today 🙂 Have a lovely day.


    • Sound like you’re about 6 weeks ahead of us in planting time. Your gorgeous pictures of everything coming into bloom indicate about the same. I was surprised to read that it doesn’t get very hot there in the summers. Sounds like the perfect place for gardens. You have a lovely day too!

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  4. So much to do in the spring and such a relief after winter! And we’ve had quite the winter. Love your crocuses. We are ahead of you, with daffodils, tulips, and grape hyacinth coming up. Yours will be arriving soon, I’m sure.


  5. I am loving watching your place change from icicles hanging off your roof to flowers appearing…
    now is this weird or what but I noticed a jonquil just about to flower in my garden – what the???? we havent got to winter yet.


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