Cabbage Patch, Calendula & Diamataceous Earth

I may have been a little over enthusiastic in sowing the seeds for my cabbage patch.  I have over 60 little plants.  Cabbage is great for saurkraut, of course,  and if you make your own you can add all sort of good things to it…carrots, kale, onions..even oranges.  Delicious!  I like to stir fry cabbage in coconut oil. It is  sweet, a little crunchy and doesn’t smell like sulfur when cooked this way.  Onions, fresh garlic and sea salt taste great with it.   Pea pods make a great addition too.

I have a lot of calendula started too.  Fresh calendula petals added to stir fries, salads..even fruit salads make things look pretty and add extra nutrition.  Dried petals retain their shape and color when added to glycerine soaps, vinegars and oils.  In the garden, they  are workhorses and make terrific companion plants.

I notice the fruit flies beginning to hover and multiply over my seedlings.  A little food grade Diamataceous earth sprinkled on the potting bench will take care of that problem in no time.  It’s non toxic and safe for pets.  Once it gets wet it is no longer effective. In the past, I’ve had issues with ants and japanese beetles in my old house.  Last year I sprinkled Diamataceous earth in all the windowsills, along the perimeters of the cellar and on top of the beams.  It really worked .

Speaking of Cabbage Patches and little sprouts…my daughter is having a baby!  The first grandchild!  I added the last stitch to this happy little quilt last night.

50 thoughts on “Cabbage Patch, Calendula & Diamataceous Earth

  1. Oh! Congratulations! My grandma once told me that you think you know what love is when you have children, but it gets even bigger with the grandchildren. (I think it’s like exponents: Child Love x Grandchild Love = Love to the 4th power.) I am wishing your little girl all the best things as she goes through her pregnancy. Such a magical time. . .

    I know there was a tip about ants and fruit flies in there – which I will surely refer to in the near future – but I got all caught up in the good news.

    Your quilt is beautiful. Such a lovely thing to make for a wee one, and so rare these days.


      • As you know, I have 2 sons. They will always be my babies. Amanda was my work daughter!!! I really enjoyed my time with her. You raised a wonderful girl with outstanding values and a big heart! She is going to make a great mom! I miss her a lot!


        • She misses you too, Sue! I’ve heard so many nice things about you. Thank you so much for saying such wonderful things about her, it makes me so happy to hear that.


  2. What a blessing Diamataceous earth is! We’ve used it for years. Unfortunately, it didn’t work on the bugs that attacked my squash and eventually took over the whole garden. 😦

    Congratulations on the happy news!


  3. Huh! I had a few fruit flies on my cabbage seedlings and used a bit of oil spray, which seems to have worked. Hadn’t thought of diatomaceous earth. I will have to plant calendula and try them! Congratulations on your first grandchild. When is she due? I am expecting my first GREAT grandchild in September.


  4. Congratulations Cindy!!! This must be such an exciting time for all of you. I can just feel what a delight it must have been for you to sew this sweet precious quilt so filled with love, stitch by stitch for your very first grandchild. You have just created a timeless treasure which will surely be cherished for many years to come……SO happy for you!!!


  5. We are having a quasi problem with fungus gnats ourselves. They are maddening the way they flit about the soil and destroy seedlings if they get hold of them. They lay a LOT of eggs if they find a mate, so we smash them whenever we see one. Congratulations on the grandchild. Can’t say we relate, but we are happy for you anyway 🙂


    • Thanks, lol!! Those things sound very annoying! Maybe the diamataceous earth would work for them. It’s cheap and you can get it at the hardware store. Supposedly it gets rid of any kind of bug that comes in contact with it, as long as it’s dry.

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  6. Oh, congratulations on the grandchild! I’m just getting to the age where I feel the need to nag my older son about him not getting any younger and neither am I (he’s 28, I’m 56). But he should really get married first. I do love cabbage, and you mention so many wonderful ideas for dishes I have never tried. Please don’t forget the homemade cole slaw. Also, braised purple cabbage with apples, vinegar, and bacon.


    • Lol!! So he’s at the age you were when he was born! I completely forgot about purple cabbage… Thanks for the reminder. I’ve never made coleslaw and now you’ve got me wondering why. Thank you!


  7. Hi Cynthia, Delighted to see that you’ve visited my blog. Your writing reflects your life style and focus in life; I am most envious. I will be mining for more wisdom from your posts. Thank you.

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