Spring Flowers, Winter Thaw

The first flower has  sprung!  Most of the snow in the front yard has melted.  The back yard is still  snowy but a heat wave of 60 degrees is coming so that should be gone soon.  I was working in the front gardens today, mostly pruning and cleaning.  After just a couple of hours, I realized that  I  am out of shape.  I cooked up a batch of vegetables in some of my chicken broth and ran it through the blender when the vegetable were tender.  Vitamin packed and good for the bones!   I am excited that have a lot of work ahead of me and I want to be up for it.

30 thoughts on “Spring Flowers, Winter Thaw

  1. I hear you – I was out for the first time 2 days ago. Spent 2 or 3 hours picking up sticks and turning over some of the compost pile and hauling a few wheelbarrows of compost to the vegetable garden. The next day, I felt like an old woman (which I most certainly am not) in my yoga class.

    I’m ready, too. Hard, dirty work? Can’t wait – bring it on!

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    • After I filled the wheelbarrow, i remembered i had to dump it way out back. I dragged it backwards through the snow and slipped every 5 feet, lol. I am so sore already.. doing my yoga tape after I have a cup of tea, otherwise I won’t be able to move tomorrow. Best day in a long time!! I cant wait for more either

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    • I shouldn’t have been so lazy this winter, lol. I say that every year. Thanks! your gardens are looking great, btw. You look so far ahead of us in the Spring department!


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