Saint Patrick’s Day

My house smells like cooked cabbage today but I like it because it reminds me of my Grandparents.  I still have the cup my Grandfather used for his supper tea.  His parents came to the States from the county of Donegal.  They raised their children in the tenements of Boston where she was a midwife and he was a policeman.   Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!

21 thoughts on “Saint Patrick’s Day

  1. Wishing you a happy St.Patrick’s day too Cynthia! What a nice memory of your grandparents. So many people emigrated from this country. It’s funny as I am one that immigrated, they do celebrate St.Patrick’s day in many countries. Here it is a holiday and there are many parades involving children, and all sorts of musical or sports organisations. I went down town today to see the parade, it was well attended by young and old. I did notice that the people were not wearing their traditional Shamrock this year, that seems to be dying out. Hope you enjoyed your cabbage and bacon 🙂


    • Thanks, Agnes! It’s so interesting to hear about how other countries celebrate things. Cabbage and bacon was new to me. Here we have corned beef. My daughter googled it after I told her what you wrote and it seems pork was expensive when so many Irish immigrated here. The Irish neighborhoods were near the Jewish neighborhoods in New York so the Irish substituted their traditional bacon for the Jewish corned beef and somehow it stuck.

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    • Oh , that is cool! My Grandfather didn’t want us kids to forget where his family came from so he used to remind us …” The county of Donegal, where they eat potatoes skin and all”, lol… It stuck!


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