Away from the Snow

Aside from getting a flat tire on the highway in Washington DC at midnight, (watch those potholes!), it was lovely to get away from the snow for a few days.  My husband had some business in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Their spring seems to be slow starting too but it was definitely in the air.  Doesn’t this macaroni and cheese look delicious? It was!

31 thoughts on “Away from the Snow

  1. I’ve always wanted to see Williamsburg so I enjoyed the lovely photographs. I love the gardens divided into sections. It is so interesting. Virginia is a long way from northern Illinois and if I was alone in Washington, DC and got a flat tire…I would be scared!

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    • It is really beautiful there, especially in the spring and early summer. i love those orderly colonial gardens too. It was really scary going flat there. Lots of cars were pulled over with flat tires, the potholes were terrible. Many of the hotels had no vacancies and having the dogs with us complicated things a bit but all’s well that ends well.


  2. Glad you finally got away from the snow for a while, hope that spring will come soon to you too. I love your photos, and the dish looks delicious, actually that gives me a good idea as I did not cook that dish for a long time, good idea for next weeks menu, thanks! 🙂

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      • It hasn’t been happening as much lately, but a lot of people did wind up with disabled cars. I wonder if they could sue…. I mean some holes were knee-deep and wide as well. Impossible to avoid unless you knew it was coming. Yes, very dangerous.


  3. You visited my beautiful hometown and I feel a little homesick just seeing the photos! Right now in New Hampshire, all we see is snow, not even bare bones yet!


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