Hyssop , Cactus Sprouts & Roof Rakes

This is what a roof rake looks like.   It has come in very handy.  I’m getting a lot of needlework and painting done in these long, cold nights.  My cactus seeds sprouted into 7 little cacti so far.  Still holding back on the major seed starting but I can’t resist starting a few early trays.  I planted some blue hyssop.  The bees love it but really I’ve planted it for my friend Arthur. When I had my shop, he would cycle in a mile or so every day to visit me .  On his 80th birthday, he brought in a cassette player and some big band music and asked me to have a birthday dance with him.  He loved Blue Hyssop.  It will bring happy memories and good energy to my garden.

26 thoughts on “Hyssop , Cactus Sprouts & Roof Rakes

  1. Goodness, Cynthia, if you’re not making me laugh, you’re making me cry. Lovely post.

    I do the same; my garden is filled with the people I associate with the plants as much as the plants themselves. I have Woody Platt’s sundrops, my brother’s native sedum, my grandmother’s day lilies; the list goes on and on.

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  2. I have a roof rake like that. It’s great to get the snow off the roof, but then you have to deal with the huge pile that falls on the deck or walkway beneath. Twice the work, no matter how you approach it.
    Thank goodness you have gardening and crafts to distract you from snow!

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    • Not to mention how sore you feel from using all the different muscles pulling snow over your head… Ugh!! Still, roofs have been collapsing around here so it’s well worth it:)


  3. We had a roof rake in Canada…a device I do not miss at all ;0) Your paintings and crocheting are superb!
    Looooove blue Hyssop, cannot wait to see yours in bloom this summer! have a great weekend, Johanna


  4. I too love your memory flowers, what a lovely way to remember friends or loved ones. Hope you spring proper will start soon too, no matter how beautiful snow is, it is still lovely to experience spring at long last 🙂


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